throwback thursday: vivien leigh

Sitting these long hours at my desk, (which is a very beautiful desk, in a very beautiful office), I have a lot of time to contemplate other things I could be doing with my time. (Keep in mind, I am very grateful for my job, and that I HAVE a job.) But I think the ultimate goal is to find a job that doesn’t feel like a job. Is this possible? Do you believe this is possible? To love your job so much that your head pops off your pillow in anticipation to get to work. I have been searching for this… (mostly on craigslist) and have yet to find anything that really jumps out and says “I AM WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! YOU WILL LOVE ME!”

There was one posting for a cake baker at a cute little bakery in downtown Salt Lake. Now, this sounded like something I’d be interested in. I could picture myself mixing the batter with a wooden spoon, wearing a cute little flower print apron, and frosting the cake to perfection not noticing the little bit of flour still on my nose. Sounds oh, so lovely. But the pay was minuscule… and Clay said it probably wouldn’t be the best idea considering… well, considering a lot of things. So if you hear anything, I am on the hunt.  I can bake cakes, walk dogs, cuddle dogs, cuddle all animals actually, play instruments, shop, cook mediocre meals (but am willing to learn), read books, do crafty things, travel, oh, and I have a degree in economics and a minor in business management.  I should be the perfect candidate for basically any job. Right?! 😉 Life is too short to work to hard, especially working so hard at something you don’t love. So love what you do and do what you love. I’ll be looking for mine.

the end.

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  1. Mom says:

    I absolutely love this. Thank you Vivian Leigh and Lauren Gunn—Two of my all time favorites (the later being the most favorite). Reading this made me realize why I just retired from a grinding job. Life is too short. Now I just need to figure out what to do next. Something better suited to you is coming your way. You and Clay will have a good life because you have things in perspective. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

  2. Lindsay Goldfine says:

    I am doing some soul searching too! Working with Lanvin is a fun in-between gig, so I don’t go stir-crazy while I search my soul for my next journey. I’ve had things in and out of my inbox, none of which would make me excited to get out of bed. Pass, pass, pass. Lauren, why don’t you do what I’m doing and take a fun and easy job that’s a breath of fresh air till you figure out what you REALLY want to do. Work the sales floor at J Crew! Being surrounded by amazing product that you love is key, not to mention the discount.. . however, you might never take home a paycheck working there.

  3. efonnesbeck says:

    Hmmmm… I’m with Lindsay on this one. Go get that job at JCrew for now!!

  4. I didn’t know you had a degree in economics! Don’t worry I went to college for 5 years got a nursing degree and haven’t worked since Max was born. It was weird at first after working for SO long nonstop, but now I could never go back {unless forced} to working full time. Good luck with the search…have you ever thought about working at a finance firm or a bank? I also think there is very few people who really LOVE their job there is always highs and lows to it all.

    • I think a nursing degree is something you will always be glad you have… and that’s quite the accomplishment. I have thought about going back to nursing school several times. I just can’t bring myself to do it! There are very few… I agree. I just want to be part of the few.

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