Clay and I decided last minute we needed a little beach time and sunshine. More like Clay needs surfing more than he needs air. So we are headed to the coast! And I am so thrilled with this new necessity I married into. I will be enjoying my weekend sitting on the sand with a good book… I am still in need of some recommendations. What are your weekend plans? : ) Whatever you are planning, I hope that it is relaxing, exciting, and fabulous. See you Monday! xo

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  1. efonnesbeck says:

    So jealous…. even though we were just there a few days ago, I am still jealous because I would love to sit there with a book instead of worrying about how much sand Kate is consuming. It was such a challenge because she really ATE it by the handful! We thought she would learn the first time she did it and thought she wouldn’t do it again, but she kept doing it! She wanted to be crawling around, not held. Oh goodness, it wasn’t relaxing at all, but still fun for the kids. Oh, and….. Travis fell asleep on his back on the blanket and Kate was sitting on his tummy for a long time, just eating snacks or something… well, we found out that the reason why she was so willing to sit for so long on his stomach was because she had just done the hugest poop on him and was feeling pretty content after that. We had to travel all the way home with that stinky shirt in the car. Lesson learned… no babies on the beach if you are wanting to read a book.

  2. Lindsay Goldfine says:

    You are coming!! Are you coming near us??

  3. Mom says:

    Be sure you both wear sunscreen!! I will call you about the good books. Have a great time. Love you. Be safe.


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