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The case of the lazy’s has hit me hard lately. The will talk myself into going on a “run” when I can tell Reggie (my little fluffy puppy) is incredibly bored of being in the house. We will take off at a pretty quick pace, start around the block… maybe go a little further if we are feeling extra energetic… but “Reggie” usually gets tired pretty quick, and I have to take him home before he gets too dehydrated. Reggie is my excuse for these “too short to even call them a run” runs.

I used to thrive being so busy and overloading my plate with way too much. I would call Mom complaining about how I have so much to do, and explaining the impossibility to get everything done! But somehow I found a way to fit everything in, we always do. I really do miss that. My old self would call me crazy for wishing for that time (or lack thereof). But now my schedule has opened up quite a bit and I have lost my routine. I need to quit being lazy and create a new regime that will whip me back into shape! (In more ways that one). Maybe I should stop taking Reggie on my runs.

I think he likes walks better anyway.

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  1. Mom says:

    Reggie loves runs. He is like a tiny race horse when we run here. I call him white lightening. The altitude is higher there so he is probably getting tired more easily. Take water for him. Take him around the block a few times, then drop him off and continue on your way. You will strike a happy medium some day–not too busy, but just busy enough. When the job situation shakes out you’ll be back on track. Plan a crazy surprise for Clay each day. That will keep you busy and keep him on his toes wondering what you’re going to do next.

  2. Lindsay johnson says:

    I am with you!! Love this quote too

  3. efonnesbeck says:

    White lightening – that’s hilarious!

    Lauren, I have the lazies every day.


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