a little paintbrush… and a few others.

Went in for THIS. ^

Came out with This. ^

Yeah… something like this. ^ Does this happen to ANYONE ELSE?!

I went in for a paintbrush and was taken over by the greeting cards department, wandered over to the sunglasses… “OH! I NEED THESE! AND THESE! I dont have ANY sunglasses I like!” Meandered over to the accessories, found some socks I must have because “It’s getting colder, might need these under my boots. And this bracelet… “wow! only 14 dollars?!” On my way to look at the clothes saw these cute book ends… “I could use these on my new shelf! And it’s only 6 dollars on sale! That’s a deal! Even if they don’t work, I have to buy it because, well, it’s only 6 dollars.” (I think it’s the bright orange tag showing all mark-downs that make me unable to say no.) I headed for the cash register but not before passing the nail polish and a cute leopard dress… which I had to buy because it is so hard to find clothes I like… (without the fabric belt of course, that will have to go.) And the SWEATER! This is a must purchase for ANYONE! I love it!! It is so so soft and fits perfectly! And $22.00! You should probably go buy it.

Alright I am done. I head to the cash register… ring everything up… and OH! I forgot the paintbrush!!! The one thing I came to get! Walked all the way to the back of the store… making sure not the turn my eyes in any other direction. Made it all the way to the back, then front of the store without adding anything else to the cart. I swear it’s a curse. The target evil eye… sucks you in.

But I have lots of new spectacular things that I DEFINITELY needed. Yes, NEEDED. 🙂

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  1. Lindsay Goldfine says:

    I have been there! Kind of like the time I recently went in for ziploc bags and came out with a bright red lacquer hinge bangle in the shape of lips for 24.99. Had to!

    • Mom says:

      This is hilarious, Linds. Would you wear the lips bangle for any occasion? It’s a bracelet, right? It would be a good conversation piece no matter where you wear it.

  2. erin says:

    The lips bangle came from there???? No way! Yes, had to…. no question. I’ve done this before too, but try going in there when you are responsible for 7 people…. it makes Target even that much more expensive because every section of the store has something that each person really “needs”. Stay away. I find that Costco is the same way.

  3. Mom says:

    I just gave tons of stuff to D.I. and had sworn off buying ANYTHING else; but Erin came into the kitchen this morning and said, “do you want to go shopping today?” So we’re happily out the door. Target, here we come!

  4. Michelle says:

    I went in one day for toilet paper and kitty litter. When I got to the checkout, my tab was $256. It was then I knew I had a little shopping problem.


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