let the season begin!

It’s my absolute favorite time of year again and I can’t hardly contain myself! Everything about the season makes me so giddy, transforms me into the little girl who used to stay awake all night waiting for Santa to come whisk me away on his sleigh. I was always so disappointed when the event never took place, until I walked out into the living room and saw the mountains of goodies he left for me. How could I possibly be mad?! It is possible that every child takes a ride on this same emotional roller coaster on Christmas morning. As I got older, I realized how exciting it was to be on the other end. I will shop and shop and shop for THE perfect gift for each person on my list. (or so I think they are; I am sorry for those of you who received gifts from me and thought otherwise 🙂 ) I cannot wait for my loved ones to open the gifts I have so carefully selected, or handmade, (usually caused by the lack of Christmas funds…)

The scent of balsam and cedar in the air, (the name of the candle that is currently burning), the twinkling lights, the shiny paper, and the music, OH! the Christmas music really puts my in the spirit of giving. Let the season officially begin!

ZARA Vamp Stiletto

ZARA Studded Bag

J. Crew Faux Fur  Infinity Scarf

J. Crew Crystal Cascading Bib Necklace

J. Crew Stripe Knit Pocket Blazer

J.Crew Jacket that has unfortunately gone MIA.

ZARA Leopard Slipper


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  1. 102979 says:

    I want every single one of these! I can’t wait to get my tree on Sat!!!

  2. Ember says:

    Can I come to your house, it sounds so festive and loving!

  3. Mom says:

    My most wanted Christmas gift would be to see my sister well, and home from the hospital–on her way to a full recovery.
    I already have a special Christmas gift. Brynlee helped grandpa and me unpack it this morning—a new nativity. We told her she was the first grandchild to see it, which made her so happy that she jumped into my arms and gave me a big squeeze, saying, “I’m the first one!” The excitement of Christmas for me is seeing the magic through a child’s eyes.

  4. Love the coat! That is amazing, have to have


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