pizzeria limone

photo 2-001photo 1Honestly, the greatest pizza of ALL TIME is at Pizzeria Limone. The Caprese with their homemade sweet balsamic drizzle, The Viola, featuring prosciutto and blackberries, and my favorite, the Pera, will knock your socks off. If you are not in or around the Salt Lake City, UT area, I am so sorry. But good news! I am here to share ALL ingredients so you can make the PERA at home! (This will be my next feat in the kitchen.)

This is how it goes:

olive oil base

mozzarella cheese

sliced pears

thinly sliced prosciutto

red onions



crushed pistachios on top

and I am just going to try it on a store bought pizza dough

bake in oven for 10 minutes at 350… and check on it here and there just incase. 🙂

Cross your fingers for me. Everyone knows I am NOT  a kitchen genius… But it’s pizza! Can you really mess it up?! We’ll see.




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  1. Lindsay johnson says:

    Well I have managed to mess up pizza before . . Im sure you wont. Let us know how it goes!

  2. CLJ says:

    That looks like the most delectible pizza I have ever seen! Pears and pitachios?? I want some!


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