christmas vacation // i’m pretty booked

my christmas vacation
I hope the next few days with bring a little R and R your way! For many, the days before Christmas can be the most hectic and stressful. But it doesn’t HAVE to be! I decided I am going to forget about everything! For the next few days, I am pretty booked. I have to snuggle up with a good book, drink as much mexican hot chocolate as possible, (found at World Market, or you can buy it by the cup at Nordstrom), listen to the last few days of Christmas music, and maybe give myself a pedicure… if I get around to it. What are your plans for this Christmas? How will you indulge? 
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  1. Linda Lorick says:

    Dearest Lauren:

    YOU warm my heart. Much love, Mrs. Lorick

  2. lindsay Goldfine says:

    I am doing exactly the opposite! I am running around town and this kitchen like a mad woman . . I decided to throw a Christmukka party tomorrow which I really wanted to do, it was one of my “spiritual yearnings”. . . 🙂 But more people are RSVPing and it’s turning into a bigger soire than I’d anticipated. I am working on an extensive spread including many family recipes .. Mom’s orange rolls, Erin’s meatballs and white chocolate Oreos, Britt’s wassail, meltaways, (Britt’s?) pigs in blankets, (Mom? or every mom in America?)
    . . wish me luck! Wish you could all be here!! We’ll have everything from mistletoe to a dreidel .. this is what I signed up for. HA! Merry Christmukkah!

  3. CLJ says:

    I’m pretty much chillin at this point. I have to play music just to keep me in the mood.

  4. Heather Bleakley says:

    You’re blog is so sweet and such an easy read – excuse me as I make my way through your archives – lovely advice, great inspiration for the every girl!


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