five beauties … and one more.

five beauties


There are so many beautiful things in this world that inspire me. So many things I see that I want, or that I think I must have in order for my life to be complete. Yes, these things are beautiful, and will continue to inspire my mind and motivate me in one way or another. But more and more I am realizing THINGS will never measure up to experiences we share with the people we interact with daily. I encountered the sweetest man yesterday while at work. He made such an impact on me, I haven’t stopped thinking about his kindness and his beautiful demeanor. He was the most grateful man; every time I came by, he thanked me by name, looking me in the eye, so graciously. His little granddaughter did the same. As they were about to leave, he stopped me, telling me he thought I had a beautiful spirit.

Now. I cannot think of anything more flattering to tell a person. This, to me is the deepest of sincere compliments.

I was, quite honestly, shocked. I sat down with them for a minute and thanked him for his kindness. I told him I thought him and his granddaughter were sent to make my day and that I could not think of a sweeter person I had ever met. (I meant this with all my heart. truly. WHO WAS THIS MAN?) He went on to tell me he was a professor at the University I graduated from, from the same department, in fact. He said he had been watching me interact with other people during their meal and knew I had goodness in me. He told me if I ever decided to go back to graduate school, he would write me a personal letter of recommendation.

This is what hit me the hardest, (remember, this is coming from a college professor): No amount of schooling will ever teach you the way to interact with other people, and how to treat them well. That, which is the greatest gift, comes naturally to people. We all have it within us to be kind. We all just need to be it.

I was sitting at the table for a good 5-6 minutes talking with this man, just about in tears. I wanted to hug him, be his friend, invite him over to our house for cookies and milk. Whatever. But he left, and told me to look him up in the school directory if I ever needed anything. Is am so grateful to have met this man, it made me realize how large of an impact one person can have on another and put into perspective some very important things for me. Kindness is really the most beautiful thing in this life.

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  1. brittany says:

    You should contact him and let him see the wonderful things you wrote about him on your blog. And you should go to graduate school. I’m just sayin… 😉

  2. Lindsay johnson says:

    Go to graduate school, it’s a sign! Hehehe.
    I love this guy and I’ve never even met him! Loved this post!

  3. Cthi says:

    I stumbled onto your blog tonight and loved your story about the professor. Thank you for sharing it. I will check back often. Just wanted you to know your words made a difference in someone’s life tonight. I think the professor was right…you do have goodness in you. Thanks again-

  4. Tierney says:

    You are amazing. And beautiful. And you should go blonde just for a moment-just like the girl in your pictures. You only live once.

  5. CLJ says:

    This really warmed my heart tonight. In fact, it could have changed my life in one small, very good way.


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