serious about sunnies

serious about sunnies


I have never, in my 25 years of living, had a “nice” pair of sunglasses. Unless you count Target sunglasses “nice”, which I refuse to do anymore after my 6th pair broke after only a few wears. “Cheap” is the word I would probably use; and “frustrating” because yes, I love Target sunglasses. But they have turned out to be a ROYAL waste of money. So wouldn’t it make sense to buy one, (two, or maybe three), REALLY nice pairs of sunglasses that you will wear forever? Classics, I would say, with REAL quality (and maybe a lifetime guarantee… :)) Yes, it makes sense. So this Spring, I will be getting REAL serious about sunnies. Im talking Karen Walker SUPER DUPER serious. I’ll start saving now…

Top Left: Karen Walker Super Duper, Top Right: Lucia Puma,

Bottom Left: Illesteva Leonardo, Bottom Right: Dior Cat’s Eye

Do you have a pair of sunglasses you love that I should see? Please share!

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  1. 26andc says:

    you should check out Warby Parker — really cool shades and glasses! I’m going to write a blog post on them soon so check it out at! hope you have a good day!

  2. Kerry june says:

    Everyone has a pai but I seriously love my rayban wayfarers. Those and these amazing LV ones I’m still shocked my mom let me get… But I bought them both the summer I graduated high school & since I’ve gotten a few other shades but I always turn back to those ones. I love them! I really like the illesteva Leonardo ones you show!

    • I knoooow. I love the RB too. I just bought Clay a pair though for Christmas… can Clay and I be twinners? haha Yeah, the Illesteva ones are awesome, but I wonder if they would look good on…

  3. Lindsay johnson says:

    I love Barton Perreira sunglasses, check out their website . .

  4. erin says:

    You ARE remembering my sunglass background, right? Just making sure you know you can come to me with any of your sunglass needs and concerns. 😉 haha.

  5. Tammy J says:

    I never really had a nice pair either. This past birthday, my Luvsie bought me a pair of Wayfarers…. I really dig them..c


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