a valentine’s day give-away!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Yes, I know V-day isn’t until tomorrow, but let’s start today because it’s a day of love, and why not add just one more? I thought I’d kick it off right with a give away from my little Etsy shop Fringe and Floral! I will run the give-away starting today, it will run until Friday night at midnight, and I draw the winner randomly and announce the winner on Saturday morning. Here’s what you have to do to win.

1. Be a follower of headedsomewhere.com – this blog. Hey!

2. Comment on this post telling me which item you would like to receive as your Valentine’s day gift! Choose from any simple beaded bracelet you see on my etsy site, (excluding the evil eye and hamsa hand bracelets.) There is a link to the right, over there, that says fringe and floral, handmade jewelry by mary lauren that will take you to my shop!!

3. That’s all.

4. If you want to get extra crazy, maybe earning some points for awesomeness, tell me what you’d like to see more of! Tell me what colors you like! If you are feeling wild, you can even say “hey, I want you to custom make me a bracelet in my favorite color which is…” idk you tell me.

So there you have it! Best of luck!



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  1. Esther Park says:

    It’s all so pretty, so how do you choose?? I do really like “Just a Little Glitter Tiny Clear Glass Beads on Gold Chain Bracelet”. My favorites kind of jewelry is just a few crystals or colored beads/gems/stones on chain. Keep doing what you’re doing!! Your jewelry is beautiful.

  2. Meredith says:

    I love the turquoise & gold or black and gold bracelet. They are perfect for everyday wear with my watch. Check out my etsy store…..http://www.etsy.com/shop/MerewilDesigns
    love your blog! =)

  3. Tierney says:

    I love everything! I especially love the tiny turquoise ones. All of them. Do you ever sell any colored chains? Like a black chain? That would be cool! You are amazing and I read your blog everyday. Don’t ever stop!

  4. Caleigh says:

    Hey! I’m a new follower of this blog. Love everything! I would have to say my favorite item would be the turquoise evil eye bracelet. I love the colors, and the size looks perfect. If you had more bracelets like that, or even ones that have leather straps intertwined with bigger chains. The leather and turquoise would be awesome together.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. LC says:

    I’d be just thrilled to get the little jade beads on the gold chain. I love it! So dainty and sweet.

  6. Tierney says:

    I actually really love the skipping rock one too! Too many good ones! Hard to choose! Maybe you will have to choose if I win!

  7. kari88ann says:

    That skipping rock bracelet is super cute! It would be awesome to see a similar design with different color stones. Even a necklace with the same idea would be awesome!

  8. J says:

    I would love to win one for my wife. Skipping rock black. She loves your blog and loves everything in your shop. I don’t think she would be disappointed in receiving any of those.

  9. Alexandra says:

    I love the skipping rock bracelet – so unique! This may sound dumb, but I never even realized you had an etsy! The hamsa and evil eye bracelets are so beautiful, so I would love to see more of those, and will be back to check those out sometime. =]

  10. Jennifer Richardson says:

    Your shop has quite a few adorable pieces! My two favorites are the Three Turquoise beads and the three jade beads. Have you ever tried anything with colored pearls? Your design with the seed pearls would be beautiful using these!

  11. I love the tiny gold rustic bead bracelet!! I would also love to see you turn the simple gold bar necklace into a bracelet- very classy! I would feel so fancy and maybe a lovely bracelet would distract from my dry, scaly, overworked hands? HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! 🙂

  12. kerry c says:

    I love the skipping rock bracelet….I love the color turquois its my fave. Stumbled upon this blog from pinterest, will definitely beba faithful follower. I. just lost a whole hour on your blog! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  13. Shondell Patterson says:

    I love the tiny black and gold beads! It’s a beauty!

  14. Kelsey says:

    I would definitely love to receive the Turkish evil eye bracelet! And I like how you incorporate nature into your pieces (skipping rock), I would love to see more of that! Rocks, driftwood, turquoise (etc) all look beautiful next to silver and gold. Love your blog!

  15. Mikayla says:

    Love all the jewelry. My favorites are the turquoise, gold, and pink ones. I’d love to see something in my favorite color…purple!

  16. Kellye T. Phillips says:

    I like the tiny black and gold beads but I would love to see your creative side and do something in purple.

  17. Tayler says:

    I love the bracelet with the three tiny turquoise beads on gold chain! Your blog is amazing I love it! Its a daily read for me!

  18. Sly Speaks says:

    I love the bracelet in the 3rd picture. I would like to see more DIY’s or just any blog talking about your move to Cali!

  19. Haley Rae says:

    The combination of turquoise and gold never falls short of admiration. I am very much into aztec/native american inspired jewelry, every consider throwing in some similar size triangular shaped stones in between the rounds?

    But nonetheless their simply beautiful and I look forward to purchasing from your etsy shop.
    Best wishes.

  20. CeCe says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I just started following your blog yesterday, and love everything I have seen so far. I love that you have inspirational articles, beautiful pictures and a shop on Etsy. I love all of the bracelets, but especially the Tiny Gold Rustic and Skipping Stone bracelets. It would be nice to see more things in silver. I’m so happy to have found your blog. I’m looking forward to future posts!

  21. suttongirl says:

    I have just signed up to your blog after falling in love with your jewellery on Pinterest, and your giveaway has made my Valentines Day (even more than the beautiful roses off my husband-is that bad?). I would live to win the tiny turquoise bead bracelet on gold chain as it’s just stunning and so classy. If I could ask for more of anything else? Mmm, probably more silver items as my wedding ring is silver and It would be great to find a dainty silver necklace to complement it. Thankyou! Don’t ever stop this blog 🙂

  22. suttongirl says:

    Oh wow, I have just started following this blog after becoming a massive fan of your jewellery through Pinterest. The fact that you are having a Valentines giveaway has pleased me even more than the beautiful roses my husband has just given me (is that bad?) I love,love,love the three turquoise beads on gold bracelet-it is so gorgeous and classy. If I could ask for any more pieces in your easy shop? Mmm, maybe some more silver pieces as I have been after a dainty silver necklace to complement my silver wedding ring for a while now, thanks, and please don’t ever stop what you do!x

  23. I love the Turkish Evil Eye on Gold Gold Chain Bracelet! So cute and unique. It would look good with everything! I liked another comment about using leather, cool idea!

  24. lindsay Goldfine says:

    I love the turquoise beads on the gold chain. AND the neon pink, LOVE!! I love the evil eye too .. love it all! You are so talented xoxo

  25. Tawsha says:

    I love the one with three gold stones! And it would look perfect with my turquoise and gold one I already have and LoVe! I wear it everyday!
    You are one talented miss!

  26. Trinh says:

    I started following your blog and am so inspired. I love all of the bracelets. They are so dainty and perfect for stacking. I especially like the evil eye one. It would be a statement piece.

  27. Erin says:

    I love the Three Tiny Turquoise Beads…I could wear it always and forever!

  28. Jana says:

    I love your blog and I love the Three Tiny Turquoise Beads – I have just moved to the Panhandle of Florida and how cute that would be year round but especially as I “get my tan on” … I don’t own any turquoise and it is on my list of items to add… I would like to see some collegiate type colors in small necklaces and bracelets that aren’t screaming these are college colors … folks make everything so gawdy, but I think dainty necklaces especially for hot SEC games when we dress up in our college colors with our cowboy boots and cute collegiate dresses you are opening your store to a whole new market … just a thought:) I also have a non-profit called Gameday For Heroes that send military to college games for free so I am very into the college football scene … so maybe something patriotric or military for the wives – your prices are great and this might be a way to reach out to this HUGE market too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  29. Savannah says:

    Hey! This is my first blog ever haha. I love your jewelry!! The Hamsa bracelet and Turkish evil eye are awesome! Make more stuff just like it!! 🙂 for the free gift it would be pretty awesome to have the tiny turquoise and gold glass bracelet. Keep making awesome jewelry either way! I love the style! 🙂

  30. Briton says:

    My fave is the tiny turquoise and gold.

  31. sara says:

    I love the bracelet with the 3 tiny turquoise beads on the gold chain & also the 3 solid gold beads on a gold chain, basically all of them are amazing. I hope you enjoy your trip!

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Mary Lauren! I absolutely love your blog and Instragram! You have inspired me to do a lot of DIY and design work around my house! I love turquoise and I love the simplicity and functionality of the Tiny Turquoise and Gold Glass Beads on Gold Chain Bracelet! Please keep making cultural pieces like the evil eye! I love it!

  33. Heather says:

    Everything is absolutely stunning, but if I can only choose one I have to go with the Tiny Turquoise and Gold Glass Beads on Gold Chain Bracelet. Thanks for the giveaway! You are awesome!

  34. CLJ says:

    I like the red glass beads. I think red goes with everything.

  35. emilyluv says:

    I love all of your stuff especially the pinky, reddy bracelets and the hammered pendant necklace these are beautiful! They are so gorgeous considering they are homemade you are very talented! Maybe you could do a locket necklace or a dainty bracelet with turquoise hearts on it your stuff is beaut’ Thank you for the giveaway. Xxxx <3

  36. I like “three tiny turquoise beads.” I love turquoise, and I love that all your bracelets are dainty…perfect to stand out alone or to add to a stack.

  37. efonnesbeck says:

    They’re all amazing. I’d take any!!!


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