today is hard


I’m sure that as you read this I am at work… first day on the job… and I can assure you I have terrible butterflies. However, you would never know it under my confident smile and serious poker face (when necessary). I have done my best to look astonishingly professional, yet approachable. My heels are high, but not too high. Every piece of me was put together oh so carefully, I feel like its the first day of high school again!… To the point of exhaustion, really… And I’m sure nobody in the office cares. Seriously. My mom always tells me “you can do hard things.” I will be honest, this new job is probably one of the hardest things I have done thus far in my working career. But I am soooo excited for this new adventure! And I’m sure that if you send me good thoughts my way (the office is in La Jolla, so send ’em there), I am bound to have the best first day! Thanks in advance.
: )

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  1. lindsay Goldfine says:

    Good thoughts sent, they are on the way!! So what is this new job!?

  2. efonnesbeck says:

    You’ll do great. You don’t know how to less than great. At anything.

  3. CeCe says:

    Sending you lots of good thoughts and luck! Hope the day went well and easier than you expected. Good news is It can only get easier from here!

  4. Good luck! Hope that your first day was great!

  5. Good Luck…loved the comparison about a new job and first day of high school, I totally agree. what are you doing?

  6. Tracey Jane says:

    Love your blog! Sending lots of good thoughts your way 🙂 I started a new job this week also, so I know exactly how you feel!!

  7. CLJ says:

    I know that your first day has come and gone, and from what you told me, it was a doozy It will get better. That first day let you know what you were up against, and now you can plan your strategy for success.

  8. Jolene says:

    Just remember this: You are always going to be your hardest critic. I’m SO SURE you did amazingly well for your first day. Everyone understands about first days anyway.

  9. Monica DiCamillo says:

    I hope you had a good first few days at your new job. What a blessing that your job is in LaJolla. I spent 10 days there last year and it was fabulous. Good luck to you.

  10. Tierney says:

    I want to hear all about your day and week and month! And I want to visit soon. As long as clay is ok with that ;). You are amazing and can do the hardest things. I’ve seen you go through some doozies of a day and come out on top. Love you.

  11. Tawsha says:

    you can do hard things is what the nurse in the hospital kept saying during parkers delivery. I just wanted to yell to get her to stop and say no i cant do hard things!! haha, that is what i think of when i hear that now 🙂

  12. Ann says:

    Well, how’s the job so far? I hope it’s someplace you still want to be everyday; the cowokers sure do make the difference.

  13. Machelle says:

    I love this! I am going to remember this saying when my son is old enough to be nervous about doing something new. Actually, I need to remember this for myself too. H


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