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DSC02621-001Happy weekend everyone! This week was a total blur… and in the midst of the blur I decided to add a few new things to my etsy shop! Check out the new stuff by clicking the link over there! ———————————–> (The little wooden box that says Fringe and Floral) Or HERE. So I want to share a little something with my lovely, fabulous, and loyal readers… a little discount to say, “hey, thanks for giving me a reason for my little hobby, and for all your sweet comments and encouragement. I wish we could all go to lunch.”

DSC02640 DSC02658 DSC02628 DSC02653

Enter the code “headedsomewhere” at checkout where is says “apply shop coupon code” to get 10% off your order. Annnnnnd then I will make something and send it to you in the mail. yay!

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and ice cream!


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  1. Tierney says:

    I love the orange eye! Good addition!

  2. Ember says:

    Love them all but especially the diamond figure 8! You are so talented!

  3. CLJ says:

    The Hand of God design is really nice. Keep creating! You’re a joy!

  4. lindsay Goldfine says:

    I LOVE the new pieces!! Especially the first one, the red and turquoise hand bead combo. So perfect for Spring!

  5. lindsay Goldfine says:

    PS. I just place my order, SO excited!

  6. I am leaving for two months to work in Manila, my teenage daughter and I are struggling to be apart for that long, I got us the infinity bracelets, it will give us something to think of each other!

  7. crisduh says:

    Thanks for doing this! I love your pieces – especially the bracelets.



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