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There is nothing fancy schmancy about this get-up. But this is me. If I ran into you on the street and was like “oh, hey! I was just on my way to Trader Joe’s to pick up some dried mangos,” there is a 95.4% chance that I would be wearing this exact outfit… because I wear it every day.

The gray linen v-neck from J.Crew is probably my staple and number one go to. I should probably buy another one just incase I wear my first one out. Comfy worn jeans are second. I carry a scarf with me at all times because I am always cold no matter where I am… (even in summer). My gold arrow bracelet and marc jacobs watch EVVVERYDAY. And some fabulous Chloe sunglasses I just scored on Hautelook… killer deal. The one thing that is different is the bag. Mine is leopard print. But alas, couldn’t find it.

Chloe Sunglasses

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

F21 Floral Scarf

Zara Jeans

Scotch and Soda Shoes

J. Crew Linen V-Neck

Gold Arrow Cuff

Rebecca Minkoff Bag (similar)

Rose Pierre Turquoise Ring

What do you constantly wear that you couldn’t live without?

Lots of Love and Happy Weekend!


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  1. Tierney says:

    It’s true-you really do love that shirt! My go-to is probably that dream catcher tshirt I scored when I was with you shopping. Gray and weathered and probably a boy tshirt. But I don’t care.

  2. efonnesbeck says:

    This is definitely YOU! You know how to class up a pair of holey jeans and gray tshirt fabulously. You have a true talent. For pretty much everything.

  3. CLJ says:

    Love the jeans. Just teasing.


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