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The fourth of July always takes me back to the family picnics on the red rocks with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. And to the little parade in teeny tiny Parowan, Utah with Grandma and Grandpa Stubbs. It reminds me of family, barbecues, and standing on the side of the road waving my miniature flag. But today I am remembering other things… today I am so grateful for my freedom, and for all those young men and women who fight to protect that. I am grateful that I have access to education, freedom of speech, thought, and religion. Pictured top left is my Grandfather, Blaine Hart Johnson along with his three brothers. Grandpa Johnson was one of the greatest men who ever lived. He had such a contagious, joyous spirit about him. Today I remember him; and all those who fought, and continue to fight for our freedom.

“You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.”  – unknown

Happy 4th of July!



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  1. Lindsay johnson says:

    Looove this. Happy 4th!

  2. efonnesbeck says:

    Love this! Grandpa was quite a looker wasn’t he?

  3. clj says:

    When the boys left for the war it was so hard on their parents. They all returned in one piece, but grandma and grandpa’s hair had turned white with worry. It was quite unusual for four boys in one family to serve at once, and all come home unharmed.

  4. CLJ says:

    Glory to God. Peace on earth. Good will to men.

  5. Holy Crap!! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for you!! Your website is stunning! I’m loving the fact that we haven’t spoken in years but we are doing the same thing! You are still beautiful as ever, and when I went to search for you, it took everything in my being not to search “Ruthie Johnson”. XOXO

    • Jaycee!!!! Oh my gosh I seriously think about you all the time and have searched for you too! I am so happy you found me! I kind of love your kind of perfect blog too! You look so gorgeous Jaycee!

      Where are you at?!

  6. Ruthie's mom says:

    Jaycee!! This is great!


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