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Why We Should “Get Frosted”

When you head out to work, have dinner with your friends, or party for the night, you always need to make sure that you’re in a complete ensemble. In fact, before you go out the door a mental checklist is highly beneficial: an elegant mix of Vera Wang clothes (check); the right pair of Steve Madden heels (check); matching clutch (check); appropriate make-up and nail polish (check); and of course, a winning smile (check). Yes, we know what you’re thinking, the list isn’t complete yet. We forgot the “frosting”, ergo, the accessories that should complement the whole package.

The best accessory possible for all you fabulous ladies out there is fashion jewelry. You may be sporting the newest trends from the Paris Fashion Week, or even a jacket from Marks & Spencer, which you discovered during a recent trip to the UK, but if you don’t pair your wardrobe with the right mishmash of gems, you’ll end up looking a little drab. Accessories are the new tattoos, they define your personal style, and other people will have a glimpse of your individuality through them.

Admittedly, we want to be stylish in everything that we do: whether we’re having an espresso in our usual coffee joint or strutting along boutiques with shopping bags in hand, we need to have the best pieces hanging on our earlobes and glittering on our fingers. They need not come from exclusive {Tiffany & Co} shops, because your vintage pieces from Mom or faux pearls from the flea market will also do the trick.

If you’re still not convinced, try out this little experiment: wear your plain little black dress, then adorn yourself with a hip boho necklace—the change is instantaneous and striking. Remember that you need not pressure yourself into wearing colorful sets featured in Cosmopolitan – Why We Should “Get Frosted”.

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  1. clj says:

    It’s gorgeous jewelry—Easy on the eyes.

  2. lindsay Goldfine says:

    OMG I love #3 and #6!


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