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So I have been planning on going to Julian, CA this weekend to satisfy my need for fall festivities. I have never been there, but heard this is THE place for pumpkin patching, apple picking,  and cider sipping in a quaint one street town. Sounds perfect for me! I planned to wear flannel, boots, and a beanie… but alas, just looked up the weather, and it is supposed to be 72 and sunnier than ever. Not fallish enough for me. So I am reconsidering our trip. I may push it back a few weeks.

So on my agenda this weekend: beaching, lunching, napping, & flipping through the new Martha Stewart mag, (funny how lately I prefer Better Home and Gardens & Martha Stewart over Vogue and Marie Claire. Never thought I’d see that day). Yep, I’m pretty exciting.

Wanted to share a few etsy shops I have been going gaga over lately.

<<< enjoy your weekend everyone! >>>


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  1. If you want fall activities, come to Ontario, Canada!!

  2. Rachel @ DaisyBelleDesignCo says:

    I love your Etsy shop picks… the tea and warm socks quote is one of my favorites, too 🙂 Thank you very much for including my pony in your favs, I really appreciate it!!

  3. CLJ says:

    You are nesting. Switching magazines is a dead giveaway. That is the cutest little pony.

  4. CLJ says:

    Glad to see that macramé is back. I used to make these types of plant hangers in the 70’s.

  5. lindsay Goldfine says:

    I went to Underwood Farms with Michael and Eli a couple weeks ago, which is the ultimate celebration of Fall. We got there in the morning, and it was overcast and chilly. walking through a sea of pumpkins, going through the corn maze, picking squash and that hard weird decorative corn, I was in heaven. Until about noon when the sun came out and took us into the 80s. Talk about messing with my head.
    Also, check out Real Simple magazine if you haven’t, it is my #1, knocking down Bon Apetit to #2 and Vogue to #3. I know how you feel.


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