happy day of birth, my love

Today is the day my husband was born… 27 years ago. Must have been a good day for the world because he is pretty great. There are so many reasons why I love this guy, but to sum it up for you, I have created the “sort of” top 10. (There are more serious, and important reasons why I love you Clayton, of course, but these are up there.)

10 reasons why I love Clay:

  1. I can’t remember the last time I did the dishes. He does them just because he knows how much I hate soggy hands.
  2. He loves Reggie and Bear I think more than I do. If that is possible.
  3. He is thoughtful and texts me “how’s it going over there” every morning at around 10.
  4. He constantly tells me how beautiful he thinks I am, he always says “I’m obsessed with you…” which would be really creepy if he weren’t my loving husband.
  5. He is a California surfer guy, and as much as I try to deny it, that IS one reason I went on a first date with him.
  6. He is goofy and has really great dance moves that he practices in the mirror.
  7. He always thinks of others first.
  8. He loves his Mom and calls her Mama
  9. He is a “clean freak”, and most times he is cleaning up after me. But will never tell me that I am messy.
  10. He loves romantic comedies and pop music.

Now is the time that you play the song “Close to you” by The Carpenters as you scroll through Memory Lane of why Clayton is so great.


That time Clay and I celebrated an anniversary when we were first dating. Don’t even remember which one. 3 month? 6 month?


That time we went to Times Square and took this photo.


That time we went to Sushi. Clay hates sushi, and he also hated this vest.


That time Clay humored me by making Christmas cookies and listening to Christmas music in early November.


That time Clay got mad at me in Park City because I couldn’t stop shopping.


That time we took the bus to the airport on the way to Puerto Rico.


That time we graduated on the same day.


That time he surprised me with a trip to Niagra Falls… and then didn’t propose.


That time we met Mrs. Claus at Macy’s in NYC… Santa was too busy.


That time Clay proposed to me at Rockefeller Center in NYC.


That time we got married.


That time we went to Thailand on our honeymoon… last minute.

photo 3

That time in January we decided we needed to move to California.

photo 4

That day when Clay got two job offers for companies in California.


That time Reggie got hurt on the escalator and he finally became a puppy daddy.

photo 5

That time we went to the beach for the first time after moving to California and decided it was a really good idea.

Happy Birthday Clayton! I love you like craaaaaaazy. Thanks for all the adventures and making me a very happy girl.


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  1. Lisa Craig says:

    Happy birthday Clay!!! Cute post!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anita in SC says:

    So sweet, both of you!

  3. Lindsay johnson says:

    I love this!! You guys have had a pretty great ride so far. Love you Clay!!!

  4. Tawsha says:

    Ahh I love this!!! Just a fun stroll down memory lane! I love you two!

  5. Tawsha says:

    Such*** not just

  6. clj says:

    Happy Birthday to a great son in law. We loved you from the start. Lauren, thanks for making his day special, and thanks for the photos. You two are quite the pair, and certainly bring us a lot of joy. Clayton is a cutie, and a dear, dear young man. He is a lucky guy to have found you, :Lauren—and you him.


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