a wedding in the woods | kavin lindgren

John + Julie – trailer from Kavin Lindgren on Vimeo.

Know anyone who is lookin’ to tie the knot anytime soon? (or maybe you’re having a birthday, or an anniversary, or you just want some amazing footage of your family playing on the beach… whatever)… I have THE guy who will blow your mind with his ability to capture you as YOU. His videos are breathtaking, but for those of you who have easy weepy eyes, (like me), beware. You may shed a tear or two. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

LOVE this wedding in the woods. Oh man, it’s gorgeous. I just swoon over a cute and happy couple… especially a happy couple who doesn’t let a little rain ruin their spirits on the big day. Just get cute umbrellas! Easy solution.

Kav, you’re amazing… keep it up up up!!!

See more of his videos HERE!

Happy Weekend! YAY! Baby will be coming this weekend! I just know it! 🙂


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  1. Lindsay johnson says:

    Ok fine I totally cried. This song sends me over the edge. I first heard it at YOUR wedding!! This wedding was like an enchanted forest fantasy, and you know I have a weakness for that. I loved the bouquets. Loved it all !

  2. Lindsay johnson says:

    Ps. He really captures it all in the most beautiful way.

  3. clj says:

    This is so whimsical and lovely. The bride and groom are adorable. Kavin is one talented photographer, as well as a great person to know.


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