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While I am writing: I am sitting in front of a blasting heater, (I am always cold). Clay is asleep on my shoulder… I can feel the snores comin’, and my eyes are heavy. Ezra is asleep in his crib, but it’s around that time of night where he wakes up, cries, I go in there rub his back, and he falls back asleep. I am waiting… tick tock. It’s like clock-work.

Time seems to be flying by at the speed of light, but at the same time the days drag on for what seem like an eternity. How can this be? My little one is taking his first steps. Tiny ones here and there. He gets so excited, looks at Clay and I for reassurance, and applause of course. I know my days of having a clingy, needy child who is constantly raising his arms at me are nearing an end. There is a part of me that is thankful beyond belief. I can’t pack this kid around forever! And the other part feels a little heartbroken, my little baby isn’t such a baby anymore! 

Headed Somewhere BlogI just quit my accounting job to be able to stay home with Ezra. I have so many other projects going on, so  I can’t really say I quit working, it actually seems to be a lot more work being home and hustlin’. Accounting doesn’t seem so hard next to mommy hood. By the time 5:00 rolls around I am practically begging for mercy. Clay walks through the door like my saving grace, my hero. Ugh, guys. I gotta be honest, some days are just… UGHHH. hard. But then Ezra crawls over to my lap while I read him his favorite books. He turns the pages at just the right time and listens so intently, it melts me and everything, once again, is perfect in the world.

headed somewhere blog
This house is starting to feel like a home. I am really, truly in love with it. It feels so teeny, tiny, cozy, perfect for us. We are always cuddled around each other anyway, I don’t think we’ll ever need that much space. We just like each other too much. 

Headed Somewhere BlogHeaded Somewhere Blog

Just received this lovely little wall weave in the mail from LoveandLoom. It is such a perfect little piece, I am so in love. Each little corner is coming together slowly but surely. Always on the lookout for inspiration! Will be sharing my fave inspirations as of late aaaaand also a “home tour” of sorts soon! 🙂

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  1. Kylie says:

    Oh my goodness I would love to see a home tour of your adorable cottage by the sea! PS – Ez is SUCH a cutie pie! <3


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