Hair Tutorial // Braided Headband

This is for all of you out there who are hair/braid challenged. It has taken me SOOO long to figure out how to braid my own hair. 27 years to be exact. I’ve just mastered the fishtail french braid… feeling pretty good about myself. HAHA!

But I went back to an old staple today… one that I used to do a while back before I sat down with youtube videos and forced myself to learn to french braid. This is one that ANYONE can do with shoulder length, or longer, hair. Also, your hair doesn’t need to be very thick to make this look alright… unlike so many braids. I have very fine hair… turned out alright!

Grab a piece of hair from behind your ear and begin braiding upward toward the other side of your head. Do the same on both sides. Pull and loosen the braid as you go to make it look thicker/fuller. Secure the braid with a clear elastic.

Take each piece, wrap around to the other side and pin behind your ear.

Leave some hair in front of the braid to give it the “headband” look.

And thats it! Takes about 5 minutes… total do-able “mom” hair for any day! (I also wore it up the next day in a messy bun with the braid still intact after I slept in it… haha… dirty hair for the win!)

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  1. So cute! Your hair is beautiful! I will have to try this look for myself; though having curly hair tends to hinder certain style possibilities.


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