Tijuana por un dia.

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On a whim, we decided we just had to go to Mexico for the day. Maybe we were experiencing some itch for adventure, maybe we were going a little stir crazy or maybe the smell of fresh carne asada street tacos was making its way up to our house and calling our names. Whatever the reason, we ended up in Tijuana last Saturday and things got a little out of hand.

The thunder that morning woke us up, but we didn’t let it stop us. We drove down without mentioning the rain with true convictions that the rain would not be an issue. It was kind of an issue.

We drove around the city for about an hour, making circles on the freeways, lots of u-turns while Clay and I shot back and forth to each other about why we were going the wrong direction yet again. Was it his driving? Was it because he couldn’t follow directions? Or was it because I am a terrible navigator? We finally agreed to disagree about who was at fault and Clay lightened the mood by stating we would be terrible partners on the amazing race trying to navigate around foreign countries with one million dollars at stake. 100% true.

We finally made it to the downtown Revolucion street, wandered the vendor’s shops, ate tacos to our hearts content, splashed around in puddles, Clay made small talk with the locals, (I think he was in heaven being able to use his Spanish), and I preyed on all of the Mexican blankets, woven rugs and turquoise jewelry! Heavens, good stuff.

We made our way, (again with the directions… yikes…) to Playas de Tijuana where they had live music, a couple clowns on a stage performing, fresh coconuts, more tacos, and the best mangoes with chili and lime I had ever tasted. Seriously, why is not a thing in the US?! It needs to be.

Sounds nuts, but I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was waiting in line to cross the border back into the US. Seriously, it was an event in itself. There were vendors EVERYWHERE taking advantage of the sea of customers that literally cannot move. So they knocked on our window asking if we wanted to buy basically anything and everything. And we did. We bought churros, pinacoco ice cream, a mexican blanket, and some gum. I passed on the giant piñatas, Mary statues, and the chihuahua puppy. Seriously. Someone was trying to sell my a tiny chihuahua puppy. That is my greatest weakness, so hard for me to say no. I hope it found a good home.

All in all, it was a great day. We got home late, exhausted and Clay is already talking about the next time we’ll go back.  Thanks TJ, you were great to us.Headed Somewhere BlogHeaded Somewhere BlogHeaded Somewhere Blog

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  1. Lindsay goldfine says:

    Love it! And I’m glad you stayed strong and said no to the puppy

  2. oh my gosh. i love the spontaneity!! we would totally do this if we lived in SD!!


  3. Elle says:

    Looks so fun! Love your outfit too!


  4. Cheryl says:

    I can see how Clay would enjoy using his Spanish. Going there is a crazy experience, as I remember. You two can always have fun and make the most of anything.

  5. Tawney says:

    You are quite the adventurer!! Oh the yummy carne asada tacos! There are so many great things to do in San Diego! Here’s a few things to try out if you haven’t heard about them already…. Balboa park and the museums which are free on certain days with ca ID. Seaport Village in the downtown area which is super fun with some little restaraunts , face painting and a carasoul. Ocean beach is great too! I recommend Hodads their famous for there huge yummy burgers!! Can’t get enough of your posts ☺️


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