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Pinterest is cool n’ all… but sometimes it just feels good to get out from behind a screen and away from the virtual pin board. To cut real paper with real scissors and pin real pins into a real board. It’s kind of like reading a real life book with real pages that smell like an old library as opposed to swiping your finger across glass to turn the page. It just FEELS better.

So I decided to get back to my collaging roots. I used to be a big collager in middle school… we’re talking expert status. Binders, notebooks, lockers… you name it, I collaged it. This here is peanuts and a sad excuse for a collage if you ask me. But I only had nap time and how long I have until he wakes up is like a ticking time bomb. So I’ll take what I can get.

Headed Somewhere Blog

Inspired by the tiny gold jewels, loose fitting boho-wear, braids and white-white-white. 
Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere BlogAlso, if you are looking for a SUPER SIMPLE diy project to make a statement, this wall piece is your gal. All you need is yarn, a stick. Bam. That’s ALL.

1. Cut your yarn to double the length you want it to hang.

2. Take the end of each piece and put them together so you are doubling up your yarn.

3. Hold the looped end and take it over the front of the piece of wood, around the back and pull the loose ends through loop. Pull snug. “Knot” should be in front.

4. When finished, cut the bottom in any shape you like. Viola! Easy Peasy.

Headed Somewhere Blog

If you decide to make one, or already have, I’d love to see the finished product! Tag me in your Instagram photos so I can see! 🙂

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  1. I love both these ideas! Finally a DIY that seems attainable on a busy schedule! lol.
    I miss making collages too. I think you may have inspired me to take the time to sit down and create one. I read an article awhile back that said when you make a collage or pinboard and hang it in an area where you spend a lot of your time, it’s proven to help you visualize your goals and dreams better and gives you a higher chance of achieving them. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.! xo

  2. Cheryl says:

    I see that bell bottom pants are back in. I should have saved mine. I like both looks– the wall hanging and the collage. Sort of a look back at the 70’s.

  3. LOVE this wall hanging! I have so many yarn scraps I think this is a must make!! Thanks for the inspo <3


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