this is not a post about organizational tips.

Headed Somewhere BlogThe longer my to-do list becomes, the more stagnant and lazy I become. Why is it that I can never feel caught up?! For heaven’s sakes girl, get up and do something! So here I sit, on my bed, talking about it instead. Because when I have one zillion things to do, I do everything unnecessary before the necessary. That’s just how I roll.

Ezzy babe is down for a nap, so I’m gonna… oh wait. nope, he’s awake. Literally this very second he woke up. Goodness. Hang on…

Okay, he’s happily sitting on my lap for a few minutes and watching my fingers dance on the keyboard as quickly as I can possibly type.

Instead of the 415 loads of laundry and the sink full of dishes I should be attending to at this moment, I am mapping out the next month of social media content + planning a vacation to Maine while listening to 1000 emerald pools by BORNS (which is amazing.) Seriously my house looks like a bomb went off, or someone came in and ransacked the place looking for cash. Every drawer is open and most contents of every drawer are on the floor. (I didn’t do this, my teeny roommate did.)Headed Somewhere BlogCan someone please recommend a great way to get this little life of mine just a little more organized?! Like a magical app that will give me alerts and prioritize and alphabetize and maybe even just do everything for me?

K, Ez is biting me and insisting I dance with him. Peace out! Headed Somewhere Blogheadedsomewhere signature

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  1. Make yourself a chart of cleaning chores that need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly. Once you have that, create another weekly chart, filling out specific chores for each day of the week. For example, on Mondays I sweep the entryway, dust the whole apartment, and vacuum the whole apartment. On Tuesdays, I sweep the kitchen, clean the kitchen sink, and wash my daughter’s toys … And so on, and so forth each day. Be sure to document when you have completed a monthly task so that you know when you need to tend to that chore again the next month. Don’t overwhelm yourself! Two-three chores a day are easy to accomplish because they don’t take up too much time. Then you will develop a routine and find yourself completing the cleaning much faster! [If you need a template for the chart I mentioned above, let me know & I’ll email you a copy!] Hope this helps a little!

    • says:

      THANK YOU for those tips! I think that would make a world of difference. I would love your chart! This is brilliant.

      You have my email! 🙂 Thanks girl!

  2. Jess says:

    Dry-erase boards on dry-erase boards on dry-erase boards!

    • says:

      I need to get one. Especially for meals! I think it would be a great thing to have in the kitchen when planning meals for the week!

      THANK YOU!

  3. Kristyn says:

    You couldn’t not have expressed my current sentiments any better. I love my to do lists to death (no really, I do), but they seem to be less and less motivating over the last few days. BLEH. I just watched this video the other day that my church published and it helped put things into perspective for me. Hope it helps!

    • says:

      Hi Kristyn!

      Thank you so much for your comment. 🙂 I am actually LDS as well and am very familiar with this video. It was a great reminder to watch it again. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and don’t realize how much we are actually accomplishing.

      Thanks so much.


  4. Sabine says:

    Hi Mary Lauren!
    I´m from Germany and I love your blog and especially your instagram account!
    My two boys are seven and eight years old and i was often feeling exactly like you. Doing everything but the things that really had to be done, no energy, no motivation and hating myself for it. Now I force myself to get up a little earlier, make myself some tea, then making a schedule for the day. I need this time of being completely alone to focus on the things that are most important and then I do these things on my list one after the another. Most important is that u have to be flexible, there is always something that disturbs u but dont mind AND do all the things with as much mindfulness as possible. Enjoy every moment, but if there is a hard day u know what i mean, then dont be hard to yourself. next day will be better!

    Kisses from Germany,

    • says:


      THANK YOU!! You are so sweet. I think that is such a great idea to get a head start before the day even starts. I usually lay in bed until Ez calls for me. Then I grudgingly roll out of bed earlier than I had wanted. If I got up on my own and felt I had control over the day, I think things would go a whole lot smoother.

      Thank you for your tips! xo

  5. You mentioned doing the unnecessary before the necessary and I do the same so I have a tip that works for me that I wanted to introduce to you. I make two lists, one for the most important and ones I don’t necessarily want to do, and one for the lesser ones and things I might somewhat enjoy. Then I mix up doing maybe two of the “unnecessary” and then one “necessary” and continue with a trend like this. Keeps me productive while still satisfying my need for procrastination!

  6. Camille says:

    Mine are now 6 and 9. The house is a little cleaner and I have more time to do house. I say just go with it. They grow up fast. Enjoy the baby cuddles and let the house be a mess. This phase will pass soon enough!

  7. Janie Graves Hoover says:

    I love this post! My living room and porch area are clean. Only family is allowed in the rest of the house that looks a “little” more lived in.


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