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This easy schmeezy breakfast smoothie bowl doesn’t really need a recipe, it all seems very common sense. But for the sake of doing a recipe, let’s do a recipe! (And I need a reason to tell you all about my new best friend Hatchery and the amazing Cashew Cardamom that was sent to me in the prettiest of packages.)


1 cup Coconut Milk

2-3 cups your favorite frozen berry mix (I use three berry medley from Costco because its cheap and goooood)

1 cup Spinach (didn’t use spinach in pictured bowl because obviously the color would be blahhh, but given my child refuses most vegetables… spinach AND CARROTS are a must.)

1 large banana



I added Pepitas Seeds, good for you and add a bit of salt…

And of course, this cashew cardamom… goodness, it’d to die for.

Other ideas: raw honey, pollen… (seriously try this one), almond butter… you get the idea.

{{ Hatchery… Because you should know. }}

Okay so let me explain Hatchery for un momento because I am SOO excited about this whole idea. The genius curators over at Hatchery pull small farmers market type brands together on one website where you can read the personal stories of the “makers”, really getting to know where your product is coming from. And they aren’t just any products… They are specialized foods that you can’t buy just anywhere.

Here’s my favorite part… You can sign up for Hatchery tasting box, where each month they send you a curated box with sample sizes of several different products to try. It also comes with a little card explaining each product’s story. This cashew cardamom was one of the little samples… which I have now decided I need to keep this in stock always. This would make an AMAZING gift for anyone… foodie or not. (family: hint hint, me. or Dad. or Mom. or Lindsay. or anyone.)


So there you have it. My current obsession. Cashew Cardamom + Hatchery.

What are your favorite toppings to put on your smoothie bowls? I’d love to try something new!

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