Brickyard Buffalo, Oh how I love you.

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Brickyard Buffalo is my favorite online pop-up shop that curates only the best products from the best brands. They hold daily boutique deals, so I am constantly checking back to see what is new!

Here are just a few items I’ve picked up lately:

1. Striped Portia Tip $19.99 (Currently available in burgundy… Obsessed with this cut.)

2. Dez Dress – $18.90 (And can I just say that I have worn this dress 3-4 times this week… Clay asked me today if all my other clothes are dirty. UM… nope its just that comfy.)

3. Taryn Joggers – $16.99 (Not a lot of jogging happening in them, but there have been 20+ hours of comfy, cozy cuddle time in them.) * can we please figure out how to insert my emoji’s here?! I feel I can’t convey emotion without them anymore!… this is getting sad…

And it’s not just women’s clothing… It’s home decor, kid’s clothing, jewelry, accessories… it’s a little addicting to be quite honest.

CHECKKKK them out. You won’t be disappointed! You might actually like them or LOVE them! And I’d love to hear YOUR must haves from BB.headedsomewhere signature

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