The Dunes

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We thought it out beforehand, knew it was going to work, planned the time of day we traveled around it, made sure our box was cut just right. But when it came down to it, after all the buildup, we failed. ???? Cardboard boxes don’t exactly slide down sand hills. Or move at all. We were a little crushed. Ezra wasn’t. He had the absolute best time of his life riding on his bum down the hills, filling his diaper up with sand. I love watching his excitement. Makes me the happiest ever.marylauren

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  1. kelli says:

    these photos are gorgeous!

  2. These photos are amazing! Serious heart eyes for days over here. Where are these sand dunes?

  3. Elana says:

    Girlfriend, these photos are AMAZING! Seriously. I want to go to the beach or the dunes with you so that you can teach me all your secrets. Because you always capture the excitement, the moment, in such a beautiful way. Hope you’re having an amazing Monday! xoxo -Elana (

  4. samantha says:

    Wow this is absolutely beautiful! I live in Las Vegas and we are surrounded by dirt and sand but it never looks this beautiful! Glad to hear your little guy was happy as ever!!


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