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We are pretty lucky that we get to see Clay so much. He works a normal 9-5 job, but its close to home so either he comes home or we meet for lunch just about every day. Yesterday we decided to go a different route to our favorite restaurant and stumbled upon a little roadside flower stand which turned out to be a HUGE incredible nursery!

We walked around for a good while, letting Ezra smell everything. I fell in love with it all. Especially a little 3 foot fiddle leaf fig tree that I am now regretting that we didn’t purchase. She was calling my name and I heard… I also think Pam, (our fiddle leaf fig tree), needs a sister. I may just go back and get her.

@marylauren @marylauren @marylauren
@marylauren @marylauren @marylauren @marylauren @marylauren @marylauren
Dress: C/O Clad and Cloth

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  1. Andi says:

    What a beautiful place! Love the huge kiss your son is giving you in that one shot, my son does the same haha!!!

  2. Oh these are my most favourite images of you guys yet. You look stunning!!! That place looks like paradise. I hope you went back for your plant 🙂



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