(i wish) We Bought A Zoo

A Day At The Zoo from Lauren on Vimeo.

We spent Saturday at the zoo and upon arrival we decided we MUST purchase season passes. Ezra’s excitement over everything throughout the day confirmed our great decision. The San Diego Wild Animal Park is pretty amazing, I must say… and set in the most beautiful of landscapes. Watching those giants roam was pretty magical.
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  1. Loving your vlogs, pretty mama! Looks like it was a glorious day, can we please borrow some of your sun!!!! Much needed over here!! xx

  2. This is crazy because I just went to the zoo with my kids and made a little movie about it two weeks ago! Yours is lovely — that zoo is unbelievable! Ours is more like a pet store in comparison! ???????? anyways, loved it!

  3. Sorry if this is weird but I meant to leave the link for my movie: http://youtu.be/Wgma477UUV8.


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