Palm Springs + Joshua Tree

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I don’t think we realized how close we were to Palm Springs until we saw an exit sign while driving to Joshua Tree! We immediately decided to stay a night without really thinking it through. I booked a nice place on AirBnb as we headed up the canyon.

You would not believe how sore my quads are and how bruised my lower back is at this moment. I don’t think I will be able to walk tomorrow. We walked around Joshua Tree for hours and hours yesterday, stopping in the shade here and there, crawling around on the rocks, all the while carrying this little monkey on my back. Our rock climbing expert friend showed me a technique to shimmy up a cliffside crevice by pushing your back against the rock with your legs extended on the other side walking up the opposite face. Does this make sense? HA! The photo may help with the visual. Needless to say, my legs were shaking by the time I got to the top.

We drove down to our place and quickly realized we didn’t have ANYTHING for a comfortable stay. Oops. No toothbrushes, pajamas for Ezra, pack n play, ezzy’s “night night noise”, blankie, a change of clothes umm… diapers… the list goes on and on. Traveling with kids is no joke but we winged it anyhow, stopping by Target for the essentials, and we made it work. We moved a second bedroom mattress on the floor, lined it with pillows, wrapped him up in a sheet as a “sleep sack”… I’ve decided flying by the seat of our pants is pretty exciting and most of the time, things just work out. 🙂

We sat by the fire until late into the night, ate oreos, listened to Beach House… it was all pretty great.

The next morning, (after a little bit of a rough night… ya know…) we headed to Palm Springs, walked around the town and grabbed some breakfast. But I HAD to see the iconic Palm Springs Mid Century Architecture. I googled “palm springs pink door” and found THE PINK DOOR ADDRESS. I felt like a total creep but didn’t care. We went anyway.

This home is owned by Designer Moises Esquenazi… you can see photos of the inside HERE! You will DIE when you see the pool. Oh my HEAVENS.

We drove around each street and I completely COMPLETELY fell in love. The old, original neighborhoods were beyond amazing. EVERY house was Mid Century to the nines… every detail, every plant, every brick… so much love.

I am so glad we decided to make a weekend out of it… Made us feel like those cool parents who totally can wing it with a kid and be adventurous when 99% of the time we just aren’t. ha! Realizing its doable and will be trying our hand at spontaneity again soon!

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  1. Lindsay Goldfine says:

    Lauren! These pictures are insane! This trip looks like perfection!

  2. Georgiana says:

    HI, I love your pictures, there are full of joy and beauty. What camera do you use ? 😀

  3. So beautiful! That spontaneous hotel stay sounds too perfect. Maybe I’ll have to try it this summer. PS. Every time I see pictures of Cali I ask myself why I don’t live there yet. It’s so gorgeous!

  4. Sally says:

    I always forget about Palm Springs too! And I love Beach House. They’ll be in SD in April and May. Great date night 😉


  5. i am not sure i have ever spent so much time just looking at photos of hotels and front doors! ha! albeit very pretty front doors! looks UH mazing! also, props on winging it! i have also found that usually things really do just work out….although sometimes the sleeping takes a while;)


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