The White Rug Saga + Keeping’ it Clean

 There is always one room in the house that becomes the “catch all” room. That one room that is neglected, that gets all the “unwanteds” and that you are just a little bit embarrassed by. This was THAT room. But we decided recently that with such a small house, and this room being about 1/3 of our total home… we should probably change that.

We recently decided to give our little room a makeover and the first thing we did was choose new rugs. These two immediately drew my eye and I have always loved the idea of rug layering. The only thing: this is a WHITE rug. Yes, another *much avoided until now* white rug.

Here is the story of our LAST white rug.

Day 1: Our new babysitter brings a cup of coffee on her first day in our new home. Spills said coffee. Blames it on the baby. *my question: why was my little baby near your hot cup of coffee? That was also the last day for that babysitter.

Day 37: I dropped my nail polish brush on the rug while doing my nails.

Day 38: We decide to turn the rug around hiding the untreated stains under the sofa.

Day 54: Marinara sauce at dinner time because we decided to sell our dining table and ate on the sofa ON TOP of the white rug. Awesome decision.

Day 60: We decide to get rid of the white rug because, quite frankly, it was pretty gross.

I vowed that day to never get another white rug, but I saw this one, the price was right and I loved it so I drove right in.

It’s only been a couple weeks with this rug and so far so good. But I’ve got the STAINMASTER line-up to help in any situation… it treats difficult stains while also protecting your carpet from future messes so your carpet and rugs look newer longer!  Some other stain removers can leave a sticky residue that can attract dirt over time, (I tried a few of those other cleaners on our old rug… didn’t work and made it look gray as it attracted MORE DIRT!) But the STAINMASTER line leaves behind an invisible shield that repels dirt and protects your carpet against future resoiling… (which I think is totally necessary with a toddler and kitty running rampant! :))

With STAINMASTER around, I’ve got a feeling this new white rug will be in the family for a long time.

Also, I can’t decide if I like white geo on top, or floral on top… thoughts?

IMG_1895 2 IMG_1898 2

*This post is sponsored by STAINMASTER.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Where’s the floral rug from ? Love it!

  2. Laura says:

    Where is that white tassel rug from? It’s lovely!

  3. Brittny says:

    Hello! I love that white geometric rug AND the rug layering in general! 🙂 Where did you find that one?


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