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Joy Album -

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!! We’ve been keeping a little secret and I am so excited to finally share it all with you. JOY ALBUM!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it has been to be the “JOY family”!! Seeing it all come together with all of our family photos has actually been really emotional. We’ve relived so many amazing moments; Ezra’s birth, our wedding, family vacations and birthday parties… I can’t believe how many photos and simple videos that we have that I completely forgot about! When first seeing the JOY video I cried like a baby. It’s all very US and real. We even paused the screen to see what each caption said… to take a closer look at each tiny thumbnail on the JOY album screen. They didn’t take any shortcuts. It’s all us, all photos of our family, all real words and moments.

Creating OUR Album:

It took us HOURS AND HOURS to sift through everything. Our photos were stored on phones, old laptops, multiple hard drives… it was absolute madness! But going through the photo search struggle and seeing the disarray actually solidified my love for the JOY album even more. It’s something that we are SOOO excited to have and use in our home. And something we desperately need! From here on out it will be so easy to keep everything automatically organized and beautifully showcased in our home. And I know Ezra is going to LOVE being able to see his photos any time he wants because it is SO user friendly and simple.

I also really love that it is bringing back the old time “flipping through a photo album” feel. The back of the album is shaped like a photo album and the swiping resembles “turning the pages”. Let’s sit down with friends and family again and reminisce! They’re bringing back the photo album, but with a major techie face lift. 🙂

Another favorite feature is the unlimited cloud storage. THAT is a game changer. No more trying to figure out which hard drive to use and worrying about them failing. It’s all there without worry and you will never get a “You Are Out Of Storage” message. YESSSS!!Joy Album -
Joy Album - Joy Album - Joy Album -

About the Shoot:

Ezra was having the time of his life and each day when we had to leave the set, he would cry and cry! He missed all his “friends” (every person on the set), not to mention ALLL the toys! ????

I was also having the time of my life because professional hair and makeup for the first time in my life was kind of amazing. ???? I can’t emphasize enough how incredible this team was to work with. So sweet, accommodating, helpful, attentive, they made us feel so comfortable, like we were in our own home. They never asked too much or put pressure on Ezra to “perform” which I really appreciated. It was all very natural and fun. I couldn’t believe how much time and meticulous detail went into every shot. It was pretty amazing to watch the synergy and positivity of this team. After every shoot, even if it was the tiniest swipe on the screen, there was cheering, clapping and lots of excitement. The tech nerd in me was blown away by the equipment used and how amazingly beautiful these shots looked on screen! Especially the scene at Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge… I looked through the lens and the sun flares! Everything was gorgeous even before it was all put together. Joy Album -

How Does It Work?

The album displays beautifully on a magnetic charging stand. The album itself is wireless so can be lifted off the stand and used any time.

Joy Album -

So How Can You Get Your Hands On One??

Visit the site and you can preorder starting this morning! SUCH A BIG DAY!!! AND they are doing a special introductory price for their launch… $299 instead of $499. ????

Huge congrats and a big THANK YOU to the JOY team. It has been an incredible journey and can’t wait to see this take off! ☺️headedsomewhere signature

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  1. Sarah Smith says:

    Looks amazing! Congrats! Will order mine right now – there’s a deal! 40% off!

  2. Honey, I LOVE how this all came together! JOY is amazing + they picked an incredibly down to earth family to showcase how this actually works in our lives. You guys are amazing, love the company + LOVE how the video/photos came out! Keep up the great work xx

    • Mary Lauren says:

      Thank you so much Elana!!! Such a sweet comment. They really were so wonderful to work with… such a great company. You are the best!

  3. Cheryl Johnson says:

    This is a wonderful treasure! Who wouldn’t just love being able to click through an album like this. Fantastic!

  4. Looks amazing and so simple! Definitely want to look into purchasing one too! Thanks for the great info!

  5. This is amazing, Lauren! Definitely something that I think most families could benefit from. It’s amazing how many old pictures we have that we have never done anything with, honestly makes me kind of sad. Question, can you easily add things to it after you’ve made it? Is it something that is ongoing?
    You look lovely!

    Nicole ||


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