Holidays with Marks and Spencer – Baked Pears

@marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencerKnives and spoons on the right… Forks on the left. It is engraved in me like nothing else. My Grandma Johnson always put me in charge of setting the Sunday dinner table and each time it had to be just so. There is just something about gathering around a table that has been meticulously set, with so much love and effort put into it solely for those sitting around it.

The Holidays bring so much warmth and joy… candles, cozy blankets, greenery, touch of gold here and there, and holiday family traditions make it all so magical.@marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer @marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer @marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer@marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer @marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer @marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer @marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer

Marks and Spencer Dining Product Favorites:

Metal Ornate Fruit Bowl, Floral Print Fit and Flare Dress, Noel Tartan Gravy Boat, Slate Bread and Oil Dip Platter, Scalloped Napkins, Tartan Tea TowelEden Dinner Candle Holder, Bellagio Wine Glasses, Maxim Gold Dining Set + Soldier Print Shirt

img_0145 @marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer

@marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer@marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer @marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencerMarks and Spencer Christmas Eve Favorites:

Pure Cotton Sequin Shaggy Throw, Faux Fur Cushion, Ezra’s Gingham Checked Pajamas, Clay’s Pure Cotton Stay Soft Pajamas, Mary Lauren’s Cashmere Sweater + Cashmere Lounge Pants

Christmas jammies have always been a MUST… opening them up on Christmas Eve is something that I’ve done since I was a kid and a tradition that will never die! This year I opted for something a little more luxurious… don’t get me wrong… I love my HO! HO! pants (which Clay hates more than anything and adorn my everyday much too often. HA!) but this cashmere set was calling my name!!!

Marks and Spencer has everything you need to create an incredibly beautiful and memorable holiday! Decorating your own place to perfection or being the ultimate gifter, it’s for sure a one stop shop for all things holiday!

Now, we can’t have a holiday post without one of my favorite holiday recipes. I can’t even count how many times I have made this for a few reasons:

  1. You cannot mess it up
  2. It is like 4-5 minute prep time.
  3. They are SOOO yummy, look beautiful and everyone loves them.@marylauren - Holidays with @MarksandSpencer

Walnut Baked Pears Recipe:


Bosch pears





Maple Syrup



Bosch pears cut in half

Scoop out seeds and make a nice little pocket with a spoon

Cut a tiny cube of butter for each and place in scooped out hole.

Chop walnuts and place on top of butter

Sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg on top of pears

Drizzle pure maple syrup over pears.

Bake for 25 minutes at 400 degrees or until soft.


Happy Holidays to you all!! And Happy shopping! Get out there and GIFT!

*This post was sponsored by Shopping Links and Marks and Spencer

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  1. Courtney says:

    Those pears looks delicious! And I love the print of that dress. Its the perfect holiday dress without screaming CHRISTMAS! Thanks for introducing me to Marks and Spencer. This is the first I’ve heard about the store and it looks like they have a lovely selection.

  2. Linda Lorick says:

    I love seeing Ezra all grown into a real toddler! So adorable.
    I also send words agreeing with Mama Loa, yes, fork on the left, knife and spoon on the right! All the time, any day of the week.

    A pretty table is one of my most enjoyable memories and I always still do that. Remember, you sat at my table when you were a teen.

    Love the blog, enjoy every day. I am 69 now!!! Whew!
    Love the Johnsons, our old SC friends.

  3. Cheryl Johnson says:

    I’ve always wanted to try poached pears. They come out looking so elegant, and now I see that they are pretty simple to make. Will you cook when you come to my house.
    So nice to read Linda’s comments. See how you are bringing old friends together and lighting the world by being you.


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