Getting Cozy + Gifting with Old Navy

We have been traveling like crazy lately and working our buns off! It feels so good to be going home soon, making pancakes and wrapping presents for Christmas! We don’t have any travel plans for after the New Year and honestly, that feels kind of good knowing we will be home for a while!

Taking advantage of this time and spending so much time being lazy in our pajamas.

I did a little last minute shopping the other night at Old Navy, they were having a GREAT sale.

It’s all about cozy comfort for them and STILL all about buffalo plaid for me… 🙂 I’ve gone a little nuts over here with the red and black checks so obviously these PJ pants and sleep dress caught my eye at Old Navy. 🙂 (Links to all my favorites below!)

I want to keep Ezra in a onesie as long as possible (stop growing) so this little stripe piece is perfect for him (and me).

The white thermal is my favorite… I have been wearing it just about every day with pjs AND jeans.  The best fit.


Gifting at Old Navy could not be easier. Grab those last minute gifts for friends, co-workers, neighbors, yoga instructor heck… everything in this post is under $20 bucks… you might as well get your post-person and grocery bagger a gift! Spread the happy!


This post was sponsored by @OldNavy  #HappyIsTrending #OldNavyStyle

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