Perfect Spring Snacking with Wonderful Halos Mandarins

We have got our beach days down to a science. The toys, “beach pillows”, blankets, sunscreen and most importantly, the FOOD. You can’t have a good spring beach day without good food! Our staples are bread, hummus, crackers, cheese, veggies and about a million Wonderful Halos Mandarins!!! Seriously, I just bring the whole bunch. And you can betcha they’ll be gone by the day’s end! Perfect for sharing and THE best juicy snack on a warm spring day!
Now, these things are magic. We call them the “Magical Disappearing Mandarins” because I cannot keep them around! Yes, I am one of the main culprits… but we’ve all got quick hands when Halos are around! They’re loved by everyone in the fam! And here’s the thing… you can’t just eat one. 2-4 in one sitting is acceptable. ???? You can also find Halos in just about every bag, purse, nook and cranny… because I grab Wonderful Halos Mandarins just about every time I leave the house, for a work day, to the beach, park, gym, anywhere! (just in case of emergency.)
I also love that they are super sweet, juicy, SEEDLESS, and Ez can peel them all by himself! He is always so proud of himself. So adorable. 🙂 They are the perfect healthy snack for those kiddos… because we all know keeping kids healthy and happy at snack time can be a major struggle most days. Let’s make our lives a little easier and pick something this spring everyone will love! Thanks for being perfect, Halos! We love you!
Check out for info on where to buy, videos and fun games for the kids! 🙂

*this post was sponsored by Wonderful Halos Mandarins
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  1. Caylie says:

    Love your dress. And thanks for sharing! I didn’t know about Halos!


  2. Rachel says:

    Such beautiful photographs, as always. It seems you guys had the most lovely day! (Love your backpack so much btw)

  3. hayann says:

    I LOVE HALOS! 🙂 Such a great post. I am new to the blogging world and was wondering how you do collabs with companies like this? Are you reaching out to them? I appreciate any pointers on how to get some sponsored posts like this! Thank you!


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