Our Inevitable Parentamorphosis

I went to the store the other day and picked up a new vacuum… I honestly didn’t think too much of it. Definitely didn’t expect it to totally make Clay’s day. As soon as I brought it in, he was unpacking, assembling and testing out each accessory. The corner attachment, the brush, the 360 maneuvering… this went on for a REALLY long time. I think it is official. We are, in fact, adults. And not just any adults, we are becoming our parents.

We have both been noticing little things here and there that both Clay and I are doing, things our parents do… that we would have never thought we’d be doing.

Here are a few examples… and I am sure many of you can relate.

1. The Dad jokes. Sooo many Dad jokes.
2. Keeping tissues close and handy at all times… up the sleeve tends to be the most convenient.
3. Organizing Tupperware, the pantry, the linen closet, the organization supplies drawer.
4. Licking fingers and cleaning faces. Gross, yeah. But it’s the truth.
5. The decorative pillows.
6. The decorative towels.
7. The guest towels and guest sheets.
8. The “don’t play in there” room.
9. Labeling, labeling, labeling. Especially the garage.
10. Bring frugal about the air conditioner and heater, “JUST OPEN UP THE WINDOWS! YOU’LL BE FINE!”
11. Cutting coupons, cutting the lawn and cutting our insurance bill.

I guess you could say there are some upsides to becoming your parents… it’s not ALL cringe worthy! I mean, they’re pretty smart, SUPER organized and have just got it together. Ya know? More life experience, if you will. Buying a home for the first time was pretty scary. I remember it well. But Clay, in his Parentamorphosis showed me that home insurance doesn’t have to be. We are successfully adulating after all. And, it didn’t hurt that saving money on home insurance gets me a “line item” in Clay’s budget for new patio furniture! Silver linings, people…

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It is pretty inevitable we become our parents. Some ways good, some ways completely uncool. I’d love to hear the little things you find yourself doing that your parents did… that you said you would never do.

*This post was sponsored by Progressive Home Insurance

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hey! I was wondering if you were going to do a little tutorial on how you make all your cute videos? Thank you!!

  2. Emmy says:

    K your house is so cute!


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