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Gray early morning walk with my three boys! Getting out of the house early RARELY happens anymore. We are night owls… not morning people. BUT getting up early and doing a little bit of exercise in the morning always makes me feel so good! We brought along our Aladdin Fresco Twist & Go bottles because well, they come with us everywhere! I’ve always been sooo terrible at drinking enough water. This sounds silly… but I would literally think at the end of the day “did I drink ANY water today?” The answer was usually no. So then I would go about filling a glass of water and chugging it before bed just to keep myself from shriveling up like a raisin. Water throughout the day is essential… DUH ME! Since I started carrying my own reusable water bottle with me at home or out n’ about, I have noticed so much more energy and my skin has been looking a lot better too.
Here are a few tips and reasons for drinking more water:

  1. Drink 16 oz. or more of water right when you wake up… for a few reasons. Water will wake up your brain, begin boosting your metabolism, flush out those toxins and drinking more water will curb your desire for unnecessary snacking throughout the day.
  2. Add flavor to your water. Mix it up with Citrus, Berries, Cucumber… just to keep things a little interesting.
  3. Drinking a glass of water before bed will help your body cycle through toxins and assist in getting rid of waste in your body.
  4. Order water when out to dinner. – If you typically order an alcoholic beverage or soda, ask for a water as well. Stick with the 1:1 ratio. For every glass of soda or alcohol, consume the same amount of water. This will curb your desire for more high calorie beverages AND keep you hydrated!
  5. Drink a glass of water before each meal. – Helps with overeating and gives your body a little boost in metabolizing your food.
  6. Keeping your favorite reusable water bottle by your side throughout the day will make it so much easier to boost your water intake!  
  7. I usually carry the Fresco Twist & Go bottle with me when on the go, it fits right into the car drink holders. At home I really love having the Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler full at all times.

Just a little side note: If you would have attended ANY of my college persuasive speeches or read any of my papers, you would know my intense despise of the plastic water bottle industry. So this product is something I can totally get behind and be excited about. I won’t go into all the details… but I think by now in 2017 we all know why plastic water bottles are 100% wasteful and are damaging to our planet!

There are a couple more things that drew me to Aladdin Reusable Water Bottles.

  1. They have two twist-off caps, one at the top and one in the mid range. This makes them a lot easier to clean AND a lot easier to add ice/fruit/whatever else.
  2.  They are made with vacuum insulated stainless steel so your drinks stay cold for up to 10 hours! 18 hours if iced.
  3. Aladdin has partnered up with The Nature Conservancy shown in their beautiful Earthscapes collection. This year, they are working with local partners to conserve the Emerald Edge, a 100 million acre rainforest and oceanfront that stretches from Washington state to Alaska. It is the largest intact rainforest in the world. How cool is that?! We have the Waves Twist & Go bottle (for obvious reasons ????????) and the Snow Tumbler.

Doing good – Providing Good!

Use Code marylauren40 to take 40% off + Free Shipping on any of the Earthscapes Fresco Twist and Go bottles on their website!

Thank you Aladdin for partnering me on this post and for making awesome products!!!

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  1. cheryl says:

    I am just getting up and going. I think I will drink some water first off! Thanks for the informative, and nicely presented article.


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