Nothing Wrong with Gifting a Little Personal

Sometimes finding that perfect gift is hard. Sometimes it seems impossible. Sometimes you put it off and then you stuff a basket full of socks, a tie, underwear, candy and whatever else you can find last minute because let’s get real… the holidays can get so crazy! But this year is different!! I am totally feeling on the ball and not going to procrastinate… I will find the perfect gifts!! I actually have a few gifts already which makes me one step ahead from every other year. Woohoo! ???? 

Shutterfly has so many amazing personalized gifts for every person in your life! The bangle bracelet, cutting and cheese boards and blankets are on my favorites list… just to name a few. So here are some ideas for some specific people in your life to help you on your meaningful gifting journey. 😉

The “ME TIME”er (custom candles + blankets)

We all have those people in our life that really know how to take “me time”. They set time aside to take a relaxing bath, schedule spa days and massages, spend time reading at night… I have always wanted to be this person. And there are times in my life when I have been, slightly. But sometimes it’s just not possible. So now we come to that person who, despite all their efforts, the “me time” just isn’t happening. Maybe they have 5 kids… that’ll take away that special time in a heartbeat. ha! This gift is for both of those people. Give them something to help them relax, like this candle or cozy blanket to help kick back their feet, cuddle up with a good book or soak in the bath. The perfect way to say “Hey, take a break! Treat yo’ self! Because you deserve it.” The Pet Lover (dog bowls + dog tags)

When you can’t think of the perfect gift for a person who loves their pets, just get something for their pet! It really is the best route… and a gift for both of them! I am so in love with these little dog/kitty bowls and matching tags.

My sister in law is one of those people who loves her pups. And I love them too! I was so excited to see the customizable dog/kitty bowls with matching tags! So cute. I love the quality too… thick ceramic and a great size. I know she (and they) are going to love them! 🙂The Grandparents (canvas prints )

The only thing grandparents love more than their own children is their grandchildren. Come to think of it, maybe they love their grandchildren more! ???? Give the sweet gift of reminding them daily that you’re the favorite by giving them a personalized gift with a photo of your kiddos! We printed the first photo of our two boys together on canvas for my Mom. She had told me it was her favorite photo I have ever taken and she loved that both boys were in it together… BING! The perfect gift. 🙂 The canvas printing is my favorite that Shutterfly offers, but they have so many other great options for photo printing and creation as well! It’s a sure deal they’ll love it.

The Entertainer (coasters, cutting boards, mason jars)

To the one who throws the best parties, makes the best drinks, knows the difference between Camembert and Chèvre and can come up with a proper playlist in minutes. These gifts are for them. Personalize to make them extra special, get creative! I personalized the glass coasters for my mother who loves to host our family, (but is also very aware of drink rings… as we should be.) 🙂The cheese board is for my sister who is the host of all hosts. A proper cheese plate/wine pairing is her specialty! I personalized the gift with her last name to make it extra special. When it came in the mail I was so excited about the quality! So heavy, so well made, I am pretty excited about this one!! The same goes for the round cutting board! The quality of these pieces is pretty great.The glass mason jars are for my friend who is the drink connoisseur. I got matching jars for her and her husband! Perfect for iced coffee, iced tea, mixed or shaken drinks on the porch… you name it, she can make itThere is one thing all of these gifts have in common and that is they are CLASSSSSAY!!!

The Beauty Queen (canvas pouches + jewelry)

This striped canvas pouch could NOT be cuter. I am obsessed. I monogrammed it for my friend who is the make-up queen! I filled it with her favorite lip gloss, chap stick, lotion, a new face mask to try, and a mirror compact. There is just something about getting a gift that is so personal that let’s someone know you REALLY know them. You know? 😉To take this “beauty queen” gift to the NEXT LEVEL I paired it with Shutterfly’s perfect rose gold personalized cuff! I thoughtfully made a bunch of gifts for people in my life with Shutterfly… BUT when I saw the bracelet, I knew I had to make a little something for myself too! I am in love and wear it every day. I had it made with a little E + C (Ezra and Curren). My first piece of jewelry with both their initials on it. ????They also just released their new bar necklace that would be the perfect addition as well! Go see how you can personalize or pick one they have designed.

The “On The Go”er (canvas totes)

The traveler, adventurer, off roader… The beacher, around towner, camper and all-around on-the-goer. This personalized canvas tote bag is the perfect gift! Fill it with all of their favorite on-the-go things… maybe their favorite magazine, treats or gift card to their favorite on-the-go restaurant?? You can personalize with red, blue green or gold and so many different colors for the embroidery. Make it special for them! They also have a larger size that would be great for weekend trips or picnics! Give them something to make their adventuring a little more enjoyable! 🙂 Head on over to Shutterfly and be inspired! This is SERIOUSLY just the tip of the iceberg. They have SO MANY great ideas and gifts you can personalize. Create something meaningful this holiday for everyone in your life… you can never go wrong with getting a little personal!** This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Never let go of the magic you make. Celebrate moments together with personalized gifts from Shutterfly.**


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  1. Linda Lorick says:

    I am sending this for my daughter as I want her to have your blog. She has a studio for Photograpy of families and kids! Love you girls!

    • Mary Lauren says:

      That is awesome!! Does she have a website? Thank you so much, Linda for your continued support. You are always so sweet.

  2. This is such a brilliant post! Got me even more inspired to get going on my Christmas shopping, I already have a few bits (and was feeling delirious with myself!) but time is ticking, so I better get back to it, or it’ll be a mad dash to the finish line once again!!


    • Mary Lauren says:

      A mad dash is right! ???????????? I always feel like I have a lifetime but it always comes so fast! Plus the stores get insane. Online shopping is my best friend lately. Haha

  3. Margaret says:

    Well done ! Very unique….

  4. Megan says:

    This is super unrelated to your actual post (which I loved), but how do you get such good pics from above the bed? I don’t know any other way than “have a friend or hubby stand up there with the ol’ camera”, but that never works for sleeping baby pics! Any tips?

    • Mary Lauren says:

      We do just that… haha. My husband stands above and shoots. 🙂 Or I do for sleeping baby pics. Honestly though, just depends on the baby! Ezra was a pretty sound sleeper… but Curren isn’t sooo I think I’ll skip them with him. haha


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