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So… I’ve been binge purchasing rompers lately. I can’t stop. They are my absolute favorite because they take very little thought + effort, just slip one on and you’re feeling super cozy + on trend!

I had to share because I opened up my email this morning to see 30% off ALL Urban Outfitters Rompers and Dresses… (online only) WHAT?! I know how many good ones they have right now and some of my very faves I am wearing every day so I had to share! (Kind of lame for me because I just went on a wild spree at Urban Outfitters WITHOUT the 30% discount. Don’t you hate that?!) But happy for you. Congratulations. HAHA So here are a few of my favorites.


The linen wrap dress is my favorite things I own right now. It has a cotton liner so suuuuper cozy, the linen feels worn in and soft, plus easy for nursing. If you are going to buy ONE thing, this is my top recommended. AMAZING.

HAPPIEST shopping and enjoy the sale!

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  1. Kristin R says:

    Rompers are the best, they are easiest outfit to wear. Love all of your selections.


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