On-The-Go Skin Care Routine with Olay

Finding the right products to travel with can be hard! I always take a million things with me when we travel, I am a terrible over-packer, especially in the beauty department. (BRING IT ALL!) I am really trying these days to cut down on what we bring now, especially traveling with two little ones. It just gets to be too much. So I wanted to share with you 3 products I take with me on my travels that are great for on-the-go, that are totally revamping the way I pack light BUT that are great for use at home too! I started using this regimen when introduced to these wipes. They are what drew me in! I could see some small changes from using the whole routine together after just a couple of days, but after using them for about 10 days, I could totally see my skin was so much more hydrated and “glowy”!

Travel Skin Care Routine:

1. The Olay Daily Facials are the easiest way to clean, exfoliate and moisturize. All you do is add a little water and it lathers by itself, no other products necessary. They act as make-up remover, exfoliant, face wash and moisturizer. All in one! The exfoliation is something I really love too… getting all that make-up, dead skin… just wiping the day away feels so good and refreshing.

One of the things I love most about them is their portability. On our last trip to Tulum, Mexico, I just packed 2 wipes for each day, put them in a little cosmetic bag along with my moisturizer and eye cream and that’s it! 

2. My face tends to dry out terribly when I fly. And depending on where I am traveling (other climates) my face will just go on strike against me completely if I don’t take action! The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is such an amazing moisturizer to bring along because it treats and prevents so many signs of aging/tiredness/and just LIFE as a mother in general. haha

It improves skin texture and corrects the look of deep wrinkles. (hello 11’s on my forehead.) It’s super soft, thick and luxurious like any other $$$$ night cream but for such a reasonable price.

3. Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream has to be my new favorite though… I used this a bunch while we were traveling around Mexico because I didn’t want a full face of makeup every day. The Olay Eyes Ultiamate Eye Cream helps combat dark circles and aging around the eyes, but another great thing is it ALSO has a bit of concealer IN the product! If I don’t want to do my full face, I just put that under and around my eyes to help brighten and hide any tiredness. (Because heaven knows there is tiredness right now.) If you ARE doing a full face of make-up, it can act as a great primer under your eyes before applying anything else. It also blends in with any skin tone easily which is also a plus!

I think you guys are really going to love this routine, especially the wipes! Whether traveling all around or at home, they all just add so much ease to my routine and take out all of the rigamarole! When my time these days is stretched so thin, I get excited when I find products that are all-in-one solutions. These are really some of the best!

Thanks so much to Olay for sponsoring this post!




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  1. Cheryl says:

    I’m all over this! I use wipes anyway, so why not use these, with the cleanser in them. Genius!


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