On the Hunt for the Sweetest Treat – Halos Mandarins

I’m all for the Easter Bunny. 100%. Love him, great guy. (Or Girl?) ???? But I have to say, I am pretty tired of the ENDLESS amounts of candy. SO. MUCH. CANDY.

So I took it upon myself to do the Easter egg hunt this year, modified ever so slightly. And guess what, the kids were just as excited and I was excited to be able to find an option we both can agree on! Wonderful Halos mandarins are the perfect compromise… deliciously sweet and  healthy! They’re bursting with Pure Goodness and the best for those little hands, so easy to peel! Ezra just learned how to peel them himself… he loves being able to get one from our fruit bowl in the kitchen, peel it and eat it all himself. It’s kind of the best, (and a crazy turning point when the kiddos start doing everything themselves eh?!)

So first, we did a little activity decorating our Halos mandarins with stickers, (along with our traditional hard boiled Easter eggs of course!) 

Then, on to the hunt! We filled a bunch of plastic eggs with building blocks + stickers instead of candy… and for the treat, we scattered the yard with those sweet mandarins too! Ezzy and his little cousins ran around the yard like crazy, searching for their treasures in bushes, behind stairs, inside toys… when they were all finished, we sat down and counted the loot! Then peeled our Halos mandarins and had ourselves a snack on the lawn.

I want this to be an Easter tradition we do every year… and one I don’t have to feel guilty about, so I couldn’t be happier that Wonderful Halos are in season until May!

What are your favorite family traditions you do for Easter? 

Thanks so much to @halosfun for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    A most adorable idea, and a great alternative to candy..


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