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  1. Happy Baby Carrier – Love this soft structured carrier. I use this when I am planning on carrying our babe for a long period of time or out hiking. It is made out of linen, breathable and gives great support.
  2. Sleep Sack – The wearable blankets are where it’s at! When Curren outgrew the Love to Dream Swaddle, we moved on to the wearable blanket. It keeps him warm while allowing him to keep his arms free. Safest way to keep your baby warm.
  3. Beaba BabyCook – This thing is amazing! One of my favorite baby gadgets! I have used it minimally for Curren because well, he hasn’t been too keen on the foodie front. HAHA But! It is getting good use steaming veggies for lunch… it steams super quick AND has a built in blender that will puree your steamed fruits + veggies!
  4. Bumbo Seat – The Bumbo seat is awesome for your soon to be sitter!
  5. Skip Hop High Chair – I had been using a different high chair for Ezra and it just wasn’t cuttin’ it. This seat is game changing with the shoulder straps and the removable white top tray that you can toss in the dishwasher. The design is also perfect for our mid century decor!
  6. Nose Frida – Okay, a lot of people think the Nose Frida is disgusting. ???? But it’s so not! I remember times when Ezra was a baby + sick that I wished I could just put my mouth on his nose and clear it out! HAHAHA gross. sorry. But this thing is a total lifesaver! It allows you to suction out their nose by using your mouth, BUT don’t worry… there are filters that keep the yucky out. ????
  7. Doodle Pop Binkie – GENIUS! Binkie babes are the best. But keeping that thing off the ground isn’t always easy! The doodle pop is so awesome because when it falls to the ground, the nipple pops into the center, keeping it clean and safe!
  8. Wildbird Ring Sling – My favorite way to wear my babes. The ring sling is super portable, breathable, strong… Wildbird has the best colors/patterns. Keeping your baby close is the best thing you can do for them! They love be cuddled and soothed by their mamas!
  9. Amber Teething Necklace – So I thought this necklace was totally hokey. It took me a really long time to get on board with this one. But after seeing so many other moms swear by it, I thought I’d give it a shot and guess what! The thing actually works. It soothes those achy gums while teething and may also be able to help with drooling.
  10. Dock – a – Tot – Keep your baby cozy and secure while lounging. We have loved using this for Curren.
  11. Clementine Kids Quilts + Swaddles – Take one look at their cute prints and you’ll also be swooning over their quilts and swaddles!
  12. Snap and Go – The snap and go is a must. I usually keep this AND the stroller in the trunk. What do you do when you finally get to your destination and the baby is asleep in the car seat? Wake them up and transfer to the stroller? Nope. Just move the carseat onto the wheels and go! Easy peasy!
  13. Sophie Teething Toy – Curren LOVES this thing. And I just have to mention, I prefer this toy rather than the Sophie squeaky teether. The reason is the tiny hole in the original Sophie allows water to get inside and may cause mold. This one doesn’t have any holes and is easily washable.
  14. Tubby Todd – Our favorite bath wash! All natural, easy on baby’s skin. This lavender bath wash is seriously the best for newborns + we have continued using it for our four year old! Try their bath wash AND their bubble bath!
  15. Angel Care Baby Monitor – No more paranoia, having to watch his little tummy move to make sure he is breathing!  This monitor has a sensor you put under the mattress and will notify if the baby stops moving or breathing for 2o seconds. The best peace of mind!
  16. Emily Skin Soother – All natural, unscented, made with essential oils… this stuff is great for soothing baby’s diaper or drool rash.
  17. Munchkin White Noise Machine – A must have. Our kids have always slept so much better with white noise as it drowns out all other outside noise. We thought this one had the best sounds, more like a brown noise and not high pitched. It also has a projector that can display colorful friends on the ceiling
  18. Glider Rocking Chair – When Ezra was a baby, we used a decorative Eames plastic rocker. Looked great, but was so uncomfortable. I can’t believe we used that for him during his entire infancy! That wasn’t happening with Curren so we searched out the BEST chair this time around. This one is amazing…especially for the price. It’s a glider and reclines too.
  19. Skip Hop Backpack – The perfect baby bag to keep everything organized and easy to find.
  20. Love to Dream Swaddle – When we first started swaddling Curren, we noticed he’d always want to put his arms up and try breaking through the swaddle. The Love to Dream swaddle provides much more of a natural position for him to have his arms up. Babies are also able to self soothe having their arms near their face. Why didn’t I think of that! Genius! For a few months until he grew out of it. he slept so much better than he did with a conventional swaddle.
  21. Bath Chair – With Ezra we used one of those plastic baby tubs. He seemed so uncomfortable so decided to switch it up with Curren. We found this bath seat and it’s been 100x better. Curren is comfortable and can sit deep in the water.
  22. Waterproof Bibs – These were a game changer. Went from changing Curren’s clothes 10 times a day to just 5 haha. We bought the cloth ones at first but they would just get soaked through in 5 minutes! These waterproof bibs did the trick.







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