Hiking with Halos

What is it about cloudy weather that just makes us feel so lazy? It’s like a blanket is covering our city, giving us all permission to sleep in a little bit later, move at a slower pace and just stay cozy inside! It has been so nice to have a few mellow days with our family but after a while ya gotta break out of the lazy! ???? It felt SO GOOD to get out, breathe some fresh air and get our legs moving. We woke up this morning and headed to the ocean to our favorite hiking spot. The amazing ocean views and landscapes are unbeatable… perfect spot to reenergize and recharge! ????

We stopped at our destination, a gorgeous view-point of the ocean, took in the scenery for about 30 seconds until Ezra said he needed to use the potty and we rushed back up the hill… (Clay carrying him on his shoulders the entire way.) ???? Proud of him for keeping up as long as he did! Go Ezzy! ????????

We put Curren in the carrier and Ezzy ran ahead… we did a little two mile loop around and down to the beach, stopping for snacks here and there along the way. I packed some water, crackers and Wonderful Halos mandarins! ???? I pack Halos mandarins just about every time we leave the house now, especially since they’re in season until May. (We have gotten into the habit of having them as a “car seat treat”… I’ll pass him one, he’ll easily peel it by himself and then he’ll have a delicious, sweet, seedless snack! Keeps him occupied for a bit. 🙂 They’re the best to have on hand for a quick snack that you and your kids can feel good about eating. ????????

 Thanks a bunch to Wonderful Halos for sponsoring this post!


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    love this!!


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