Glorious Bedtime with The Company Store

Ahhhh yes. Bed time. The most beautiful, wonderful, special time of the day as a mother. ???????? When the kiddos go to bed, when the house is quiet, when I get to do alllll the things for myself. BUT before that alone time, there is that bout of CRAZY… and I kind of love it. It’s the book reading, the “but mom, I’m still hungry” snack time in the kitchen, the metaphoric wrestle with the teeth brushing and jammies, the ACTUAL wrestling with Daddy on the bed to “get all the wiggles out”, and then finally the hand hold + laying next to each other until they fall asleep. ???? It’s that time that is honestly the very best, although it may feel some nights that it drags forever. ????

But let’s get back to the “me time”. I’m sure you all feel this same way! It’s like a HUGE relief once they’re asleep! You have some FREEDOM! Right?! Clay and I finally get to be together, just us, adult conversations over late night snacks in bed, bouncing ideas off of each other, talking about future travel plans, life plans, crazy dreams or just whatever happened that day… or sometimes its just been a really long day… you know the kind. So we turn our minds off and a little Netflix is in order. ???? But our bed… OUR BED! It’s our sanctuary at night. Let me tell you, I have been mulling over a linen sheets purchase for about 2 years. That’s a long mull. ???? Finally decided on some from The Company Store and now that they are here, I’ve gotta say, they are amazing!!! Totally live up to the hype. They’re the Comfort Wash Solid Linen Sheets… just give them a couple washes, a few sleeps, and they are the softest, most breathable, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, perfect sheets. Yes, everyone has told me that… but admittedly, I was a late adopter and needed to find the perfect ones. ???????? I seriously can’t wait every night to crawl in them.

They are actually having a S A L E right now – Up to 25% off all solid sheets, bath and bed basics! 

What’s your nightly routine like? How do you make your night time routine special for YOU?!

Sooo many thanks to The Company Store for #1: introducing me to the goodness, that is, linen sheets… and #2: sponsoring this post! Love The Company Store! ????

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