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Things have been a little out of control over here lately. Kids, work, travel, housework, I felt like I couldn’t keep up and one of those four categories was totally neglected. Can you guess which one? ???? I hope you guessed housework. ????????

So coming home from this last trip I decided to do some MAJOR spring cleaning/organizing/refreshing!! Everything needed help. Our garage, our office (oy!), kitchen and our bedroom was feeling completely chaotic. I put my priority on my bedroom space because I was needing a sanctuary and a spot I could go to destress at night. I wanted to be excited about our bedroom again! The rest could wait.

The CompanyStore totally inspired my revamp when I saw their linen sheets. I love the idea of doing a “bed refresh” because it’s something you can do that isn’t super overwhelming but it makes a HUGE difference in a bedroom. The most bang for your buck I think! I wanted something that just looked clean and fresh. To me, nothing says that more than white linen. I know I’ve talked about these sheets before but for good reason. They’re amazing for ALL seasons. They keep you warm in the winter but they’re totally breathable in the summer. With a few washes and sleeps, they’re sooo soft.

I also picked a velvet quilt to give it that extra weight and comfort. Lastly, I was really wanting some boho throw pillows to match some I already had and our rug… their macrame and shag  pillow covers were perfect.

The duvet we ordered is also linen so I was looking for a reeeally good comforter to go along with it. I found one called the Legends Luxury Royal comforter that had AMAZING reviews, we ordered it and it’s like sleeping with a heavenly cloud!! ☁️????✨????????????

I tried to pick things with different looks and textures, The Company Store seriously has everything! And P.S. they’re having a SALE right now! So hop to it! ☺️????????

Our bedroom is finally feeling like my favorite space again… now can I just stay in here forever and forget about the rest? ????????

Thanks so much to The Company Store for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Allison Henderson says:

    Love the room redo! I’ve always wanted to try linen sheets… going to bite the bullet one day! Also, I really love your wrap top! Do you mind sharing where it’s from?


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