50 Cheap Dates

Clay and I wanted a date night. We needed a date night BADLY. Ya, we work together and are seriously next to each other like 99% of the time. But we needed to be together ALONE… without distraction, just being INTO each other. The other night Clay and I FINALLY got a night out. We scheduled the babysitter and did the basic dinner and a movie. We had such a good time but holy smokes. We spent $190! Yes, we chose a “fancy” restaurant and the movies in SoCal are ridiculous. But that was it. I want to go out, but I don’t want to do THAT every time. So inspired by your suggestions on one of my recent instagram posts, here is a list of 50 inexpensive (and honestly, probably more fun) date ideas!

  1. Jog around around a local lake/trails/beach.
  2. Look up where your local food trucks are being parked that day and go have lunch sitting on the sidewalk.
  3. Head to your local bookstore, grab a coffee/hot chocolate, read and browse, sharing your favorites.
  4. Star gazing in a rural area.
  5. Driving range to share a bucket of golf balls.
  6. Slurpees at your local 7-11/gas station.
  7. Drive to a look out, set out a blanket, some snacks and enjoy the scenery.
  8. Read a book together. Take turns reading pages to each other. Take the book to different places: the park, beach, lake, on the bus or subway.
  9. Rent a canoe and paddle around the lake.
  10. Go to the grocery store together and pick out ingredients for a meal you’ve never made. Cook it together.
  11. Grab some take out and watch the planes take off/land at sunset.
  12. Art exhibits and gallery openings: usually free drinks and snacks and a good conversation over new art pieces!
  13. Have a “date night” at home after putting the kids to bed a little early. Cook dinner just for yourselves, sit down in peace and quiet and a HOT meal.
  14. Go to a coffee house and draw our your “dream home”. Take some magazines for inspiration and a notebook to draw it out!
  15. Pack the back of your car, truck or SUV with blankets, pillows, hot tea, drive to a remote area and do some shooting star watching. Count how many you can see. Don’t forget binoculars!
  16. Pitch a tent in the backyard, make smore’s over the stove, play card games or watch a movie on your laptop.
  17. Listen to a podcast and go on a long scenic drive.
  18. Find a new local hike you have never been on.
  19. Head to the local library, get a library card (if you don’t have one) and share you favorite books with each other.
  20. Look up to see if there are any local farms nearby and ask if you can volunteer in helping with the animals for the afternoon.
  21. Walk around the town, browse antique shops, coffee shops, bookstores etc.
  22. Go to your local thrift store and pick out a “gift” for each other. Set a budget, something special you think the other person would love!
  23. Chess in the park.
  24. Mini golf
  25. Head to the local animal shelter and give the animals a bit of love.
  26. Bake and decorate cookies together. Take cookies to your neighbors.
  27. Climb a tree and spend time talking among the branches.
  28. Look up local museums and see when they have free or discount days.
  29. Rollerblade or bike ride on local trails or around your neighborhood.
  30. Walks around neighborhoods with old houses, talking about the architecture, pointing out details and getting ideas for your own future home.
  31. Take a board game to a coffee shop, sit, sip and play!
  32. Berry or apple picking at “U-Pick” farms.
  33. Have a morning date with donuts and your favorite lookout.
  34. Photo scavenger hunt through the mall or around town. Make a list of things to find and rush around finding them. (Could also be a great double date!)
  35. Check out the local university or college theater. Tickets are usually very inexpensive!
  36. Sledding in the winter at a park.
  37. Take a picnic to a park’s play gym after dark and swing on the swings.
  38. Do a themed city crawl: for example, a bakery crawl in search for the perfect croissant.
  39. Have an inexpensive dinner at home and then go out for dessert and drinks.
  40. Saturday morning Farmer’s Market
  41. Rock climbing at a local climbing gym or take a hike outside!
  42. Drive in theater with a car full of snacks.
  43. Hit up a local arcade, build your ticket stash together and grab a slice of pizza.
  44. Find the dollar movie theater that plays older movie releases.
  45. Pack up the back of your car and bring your laptop for a movie night under the stars.
  46. Late night kitchen dance while cookies are baking in the oven.
  47. Rent paddle boards at the beach or a local lake. You can also find kayak, paddle board rentals on craigslist for a steal.
  48. Bocce ball or frisbee in the park. Don’t forget your blankets and a picnic!
  49. Check out a day pass at a local gym, community pool or YMCA and go swimming.
  50. Grab some paints and a large canvas at a the craft store and create a huge art piece together for your home.

Would love to hear if you have any more that you think need to make the list! Happy Dating!

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