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This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This scent totally takes me back. It’s so nostalgic, happy times, my childhood. There is something so calming about Johnson’s Baby Lotion. It is so iconic and better than ever! I am so excited to be partnering with Johnson’s in this exciting time because they have just revamped their brand from the inside out, making their products even gentler. I am most excited about the lotion. They have decreased the number of ingredients by more than 50% and have added some wonderful naturally derived ingredients like coconut oil.

I love using Johnson’s Baby Lotion especially after Curren’s nighttime bath. It is so calming and he loves the little baby massages he gets when we put it on. 🙂 His bath time, lotion rubdown, jammies and nursing is OUR time… just us, to connect right before bed. The scent of Johnson’s lotion I am sure will bring me back to this time as the years pass. It will bring me back to these happy times. It’s mild formula is gentle on his skin and leaves it feeling smooth all day long without leaving unwanted residue… I can’t help but use it on myself most days too. It’s great for delicate skin of all ages.

They’ve also improved the design of their bottles with easier to use pumps and bottles that fit better in your hands. We all know that washing and putting lotion on your little wriggly baby isn’t the easiest task, so although this little change seems small, it’s actually HUGE. ha! I love the feel of the bottle and think they’ve done a great job!

Also, this is important info: Johnson’s baby products have been free of parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde releasing preservatives since 2015… but their washes, lotions and haircare products now are made without any dyes or sulfates, their baby lotion included! In a world where parents are expecting more from their baby products and asking questions at every turn, I think Johnson’s is definitely taking steps in the right direction.

Thanks so much to Johnson’s for sponsoring this post.

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