Welcoming a Slower Season

We have been going NON-STOP lately! It’s been so exciting, so many fun and new experiences for the kids, I love that they have become such troopers and have learned to go with the flow. Ezra especially loved being on the go and is always asking “what’s next?!” But with this new change of season, I am so excited to welcome a new season of life; a slower pace for me and my family. We need it. I welcome the calm. I am feeling the need be with my family this fall.
We were so excited to work with Old Navy this month because I am LOVING all of these fall transition pieces! As our attitudes change to a fresh state of mind, our wardrobes change too! Cozier, comfortable, wearable.
I love when Clay and the boys match, Old Navy has so many flannels right now for babies, kids and adults! And as always, their jeans don’t disappoint. I tried their Secret Slim denim (I now have two pairs that I love… see the first pair HERE). They are high waist, cropped at the ankle and I love that they’re so flattering!
I can’t wait to tell you where we are headed next! Somewhere where we can relax, be together as a family and just watch the leaves change from the front porch. Happy Fall ya’ll!! And happy shopping!
See the links below for everything we’re wearing + more faves. ☺️????????

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I cannot believe the height Clay gets with that toss in the air of Ezra!


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