3 Easy Decorating Tips that will Make You Love Your Home

This post is part of our Guest Blogger series! I am so excited to be starting this because I have SO MANY amazing friends with incredible talents, wonderful ideas and things I know you would love to read/see. This blog is a space for my own thoughts, ideas, tips and such, but there is a HUGE WORLD out there! Would love to open up this space for voices other than my own. So here it is: our first ever Guest Blogger!

I am so excited to introduce to you Christina Warren. I first found Christina through the Instagram explore feed… crazy enough. HA! I fell in love with her FRECKLES and had to tell her about it. I started following her for her sense of style, home decor and humor, found out she actually lived close to me and here we are now, real life friends. She is a gem. So go follow along. You won’t regret it! And please don’t miss her hysterical stories. I have LAUGHED OUT LOUD so many times. So without further ado:

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I want you to love your home and I have found that these three simple guidelines have helped me confidently create spaces to fall in love with.  

After 6 months of long distance dating, my husband and I got engaged and I moved from San Diego to Seattle. “Sell all your stuff and get up here,” he said. So I arrived with some clothes and books.

He had an air mattress with one leather sofa and chair to be delivered in 8-10 weeks. Talk about a blank slate!

It took us years to get into a groove on our combined decorating style. We could both appreciate traditional kind of cottagey things and we created a style together. Ok, I also started just picking stuff and stood firmer as years passed. Ha! This was after me buying a dining set he called “Knights of the Round Table,” which the delivery people came to return to the store the following day. GRRR!

So, with these three guidelines we have created a home that we love. Here we go!

1. Items that feel personal and collected

Before the days of Pinterest, I used to try to copy piece for piece everything out of a catalog but it never felt right in the end. As I studied my favorite inspritation spaces I found that I could dicipher themes like “white & airy” or styles like “modern farmhouse” and when I let those guide me, I could put a personal flair on them that felt natural to me.

I want to be surrounded by collected elements. A vintage candle holderfrom India used as a bookend, a small brass tray from the flea market and some more brass items from a local design boutique. I wasn’t always searching for these exact items but the tones and textures. Then when I came upon them, I knew they were right! Books with titles that relax or inspire me are great in the mix too. 

2. Set the Mood of the Space

Our family room, pictured here, is a place for us to unwind. We try to keep it free of toys and clutter.

Creating a peaceful space for me means neutral tones and minimal décor but warmth is an important element as well! I love to keep many live plants. Plants make a space feel lived in and homey.

Textures like baskets, a woven rug, worn woods, and throws all in a neutral palllete keep the room calm and cozy.

 3. Make the space work for you

We just ordered a sectional sofa for the family room so there will be maximum seating in front of the TV! A big comfy ottoman is next. We are creating the space for ultimate comfort first and style second! Guide your design with your top goals for the space in mind!

On the other side of the house we have a formal living room and we have made that into a playroom. Colorful books and toys line the built in shelves and toys are always all over the place. That keeps our family room a respite!

Ok, one last tip! Try not to get so focused on sticking to a particular style. If a piece fits into the guidelines, go for it!

Think of creating a home as an evolution. You have to start somewhere and then add and subtract until you are feeling the space!

If you love this post, follow Christina on Instagram or see her blog Happy Or Else!

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