A Personal Stylist: Trendsend + Evereve

I feel my best when I am comfortable, wearing something I know is “me”, something that reflects who I am… a mother of two boys, one who runs my kid to school, runs errands and runs a business. I love when I am wearing something I feel I can run that daily grind while staying comfy + also keeping a little bit of that femininity alive.

I am excited to partner with Evereve + Trendsend because they value what I value. They want women to feel comfortable, confident, wearing only what they love in the easiest way.

When you go online to Trendsend, a stylist will create a box for you based on your fashion style and what you love. You can create a profile and even add a Pinterest inspiration board of outfits you love. Then you will receive the box with 6-8 pieces from the best brands, curated just for you, complete with a personalized note from your stylist on how to wear and pair the items. I always lean toward casual, comfortable basics and neutrals. I love pieces that I will wear 100 times and I can mix and match with each other and pieces I already have!

On my style profile I noted that I love a bit of edge but am also usually drawn to a more casual style, so my stylist sent me these crazy comfortable jeans with a hint of distressing and a few other pieces that were SPOT ON. (I am TOTALLY obsessed with those jeans BTW and have worn them every day since I got them!) I love how there is a REAL stylist who actually read my profile, understood what I was looking for, and sent pieces I love. It’s so unlike other box services out there that use algorithms to try and nail your style. Sometimes you just need a REAL person.

Let’s take a look at the three looks my stylist sent me!

Look 1 – The Peyton Jensen Stripe Top, Kara Cardigan, and Agolde Denim.

I love this look! Perfect for Fall and going into the colder months. It looks put together but cozy… the perfect balance. ALL of these pieces are sooo versatile, could be all worn together or each with something else. They are staple pieces that will pull any look together and will be worn over and over again!

Look 2 – Agolde Denim, Peyton Jensen Stripe Top, and BlankNYC Cleaned Up Moto

I can’t say enough good things about this Peyton Jensen Stripe top and denim. They are both SOOO comfy!!! I’ll find myself reaching for the BlankNYC Jacket daily because it adds that touch of edge to my outfit! I’d wear this during the day while out working at a coffee shop, or could also wear it out to dinner. It is casual, yet chic. I also wore this Free People thermal with the same outfit. Just FYI. Again, mixing for the win!

Look 3 – I love that I can mix and match these items (are we seeing a trend here? ?)?? I obviously love things that are not a one trick pony. I need things that don’t need much thought and go together effortlessly! For this look, I put together the Spanx Leggings, Free People top and Kara Cardigan. I am always a fan of an all black ensemble. The Kara cardigan is SO soft and I can dress it up or down. I can wear it around the house in the morning and then out to run errands while looking put together.

I can HONESTLY say every piece that they sent is SUCH high-quality and are now my favorite pieces of clothing I own! Nothing they sent was budget, they are all from high-quality brands I love already and the styling was perfect for me.

Don’t hide behind your wardrobe, use your clothing as a means of self-expression! Do what you love, wear what you love. Go forth, and be unique, comfortable + confident!

Click HERE to try Trendsend for yourself and get 15% off your first box valid through 11/18/2018. And with free shipping both ways it’s as good as trying on the items at the store except you get to try them from the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve decided what you want, you’ll only be charged for what you keep. Then choose to receive a box as often as you’d like, monthly, quarterly or on demand. No subscription fees! It’s a total win… you must try!


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