The Ultimate Bath with AHAVA

On rare nights, when the ????s align, when the kids go to bed without a fuss, when the to-do list isn’t a mile long and the house is miraculously already (decently) cleaned, this happens. THIS is my absolute sanctuary.

When I was pregnant with Curren this was an every night occurrence. EVERY NIGHT. ???? I 100% took that for granted. Oh, how I had the life for those short few months when Ezra was totally, independently sleeping through the night. Ya don’t even know what you have till it’s gone. ???????? But hey, it makes me appreciate this alone time much more when it happens right?! (Bright side focused. ☀️????)

So I want to share with you the BEST ingredients for the absolute BEST bath time relaxation extravaganza experience:

Loose leaf herbal tea

Music or Podcast


AHAVA bath salts

AHAVA bath salts are wonderful because it is one simple ingredient, 100% authentic mineral rich Dead Sea salt. Using AHAVA bath salts is the next best thing to floating in the Dead Sea… the salts have 21 skin-friendly minerals, promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and totally hydrate and soothe.

Step 1: Douse your bath with AHAVA sea salts and let them soak. Just taaaaake in that amazing aroma. ???? But seriously, it’s so good. Eucalyptus and Lavender are my favorite.

Step 2: Set the mooood! Light those candles, turn on your favorite podcast or music and just ZOOONE OUUUT. Try your best to keep that to-do list out of your head!! This isn’t the place for that so GET IT OUTTA HERE!

This time is YOURS and yours only! Here is my ultimate bath playlist.

Step 3: Pour yourself some tea! I love having my tea steep in a loose-leaf tea press as I sit there. Watching the leaves swirl around in the water is weirdly satisfying and calming!

P.S. Clay made me this little bath shelf as an anniversary gift a couple years ago… how cute is it?! It’s one of my favorite gifts he has ever given me. So thoughtful because he knows how much I love my bath time!

There is just something wonderful about taking time for yourself and showing yourself some love. Not only is it great for your mind and spirit and gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day, but it also boosts your confidence! Telling yourself you are WORTH the effort is all it takes sometimes

THANK YOU so much to AHAVA for sponsoring this post!

People often ask “but do you REALLY use the product” and the answer is YES!!! I love sharing products I TRULY, TRULY use and brands I stand behind.

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  1. Estie says:

    Ahava is the best! I’ve been using all their products for ages and even toured their factory in Israel!


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